Evolve YOU & Your Consciousness


Courses to Empower You, Heal You, Transform You

Transformational Training & Certification Program

Transform yourself and your reality with the power of your mind, language & communication, plus altered states of consciousness.

Transformation made easy.

5 recognized certifications including NLP Coach.

All the best coaches in the world know and use NLP - are you ready to be one of them?

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This course if for anyone desiring to learn NLP without certification.

Includes all the foundational tools & techniques so you can learn how to use language and communication consciously to transform your life and relationships.

Please note when you invest in NLP Basic Training, you receive credit towards the full Psychedelic NLP Training program in the form of a discount code.  So you can start now and join the training when you are ready!

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Evolve Your Personal Power

The Anti-Anxiety Toolbox

Tools (including NOSC) to gain calm, reduce anxiety, & move forward in life.  [Online Course]

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Consciousness Evolution Courses

Waking Up...Even More

Evolving your consciousness even more through mindfulness based exercises.

Ideal for anyone evolving their transformational journey & regaining connection with their body and the world around them.

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