Rising With Love

Dalai Grace & Sebastian

These two infinite beings magically called each other in.  Dalai Grace was literally delivered to Sebastian's front door for a meditation weekend and life has never been the same!

We both knew we wanted to have an incredible relationship, yet neither of us knew "how" - we were never taught and didn't see anyone doing relationship the way we knew was possible.

Since 2018, we've been doing it our way, slowly, and our relationship is BEYOND what either of us ever dreamed of.

Our relationship is expansive, loving, supportive, accepting, respectful, and safe.  The love we co-create is cosmic - always evolving, deepening, and opening even more.

When we acknowledged we were deeply in love, we rejected the usual phrase "falling in love" - to us, "falling" felt like giving up ourselves.  Instead, we realized we are holding ourselves and each other to higher states; we invite each other to constantly be even better versions of ourselves; we raise ourselves and each other UP!

Together, we are Rising With Love.

This journey is non-linear - you get to go through this how you feel called to, how it sounds to you, how it makes sense to you, or how you see to.

There is no one way or right way, only your way

Some of the programs are always open, always available for you to enroll in when it is right for you.

Other programs are open for enrollment throughout the year and often include a LIVE component.  For those, sign up for the waitlists!

No matter how you do your Rising With Love journey, trust the timing of it all and we are thrilled to support you as you rise with love!

The Foundation

Amazing relationships are built on solid foundations that start within ourselves.

Dalai Grace spent nearly 3 years intentionally single to evolve her relationship to herself so she could show up differently in relationships.

What she learned during this time is the foundation of Rising With Love, our core offering: "The One" Experiment.

Whether you are single, dating, or in an intimate relationship, this foundational program will support you in rising up all of your relationships.

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Treasure Hunt

"The One" Experiment continues with Treasure Hunt!

[These programs do NOT need to be done in order.]


Whether you are single, dating, or in an intimate relationship, this foundational program will support you in rising up all of your relationships.

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Rising With Love: Oneness

The whole shebang!  Get access to everything and expand you and your relationships for life.

Please note: if you have invested in other RWL programs, you will receive credits for those programs towards Rising With Love: Oneness!

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For All of Your Relationships

Courses to support continued upleveling in all of your relationships.

ABCs of Connected Communication

Raise up your connection & communication to empower your relationships even more.

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Creating Intimacy

In-to-me-you-see.  Deepen your relationships emotionally and discover new openings.

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For Putting Yourself Out There

Courses to support you in dating.

Marketing Me!

Revealing your best Self for dating.  (Great for careers, too!)

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The Dating Game

Tips, tools, techniques & gamification for your dating experiences!

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