Hello beautiful being!

Dena is the essence of Ecstatic Collective & Path of Celestial Light.

She is a compassionate spiritual teacher, potent NLP trainer, master breakthrough coach, explorer of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

She specializes in helping people free themselves from trauma and sh*tty conditioning through self-love and extraordinary states of consciousness.

Dena’s gift is PEOPLE. She loves to connect and build authentic relationships.  She loves to help people find the Frequency of Safety within themselves.

People frequently comment on how they open up to her easily and feel safe in her presence.



Dena helps [mostly] women who are high performers hitting burnout and are scared to admit they’ve hit a plateau or a wall. She helps them get the eff out of their own way, get out of perfectionism, and move to the next level to increase their impact so they feel fulfilled and inspired again, as well as helping them create the relationships and the wealth they want in their lives. 

Most of the women Dena works with have experienced significant trauma and/or come from a history of being the empath in relationship to a narcissist. For these women, they often have a very rebellious part of them - the Sacred Rebel - that often runs their entire life (or at least sabotages it regularly).  And other women have disregarded the rebel completely and therefore are stuck.

Dena's own experience healing the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and narcissistic relationships allows her to support people in being empowered and evolving their consciousness so they can live their most magical lives free from limitations and trauma.  And in loving and being the Sacred Rebel they are.

Dena and her one:one clients are also flow state seekers and recognize the power in altering their consciousness for growth and creating epic lives.

Dena is her given name and while she still uses it legally (and loves it), please call her Dalai Grace - you can read more about Dalai Grace below.

Create flow and live a more magical life.

My method for living a magical life is simple.

I love intentionally utilizing higher states of consciousness (AKA flow states - altered states - non-ordinary states). 

By getting into my body and into higher states of consciousness,
everything is possible - and change is FAST!

My favorite states:


My faves: running, dancing, skiing.

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Anytime, any place.

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It's how we learn!

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The only thing I truly wanted in my life was to feel safe.  Psychedelics helped me free myself from the trauma prison of childhood sexual abuse, find the Frequency of Safety, and reclaim who I AM.

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My Voice

Finding my authentic voice has been instrumental in my transformation - and in allowing others to receive me.


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My clients feel called to work with me...

...and I'm not the coach for everyone.

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