Integrating the power of altered states of consciousness for incredible transformation & ecstatic lives.


Our Clients:

High-performing & achieving -  including tech executives,  entrepreneurs, and high net-wealth empire builders.

Incredible trainers, leaders, coaches & guides.

People with commitment & integrity - to themselves and others.

Altered states of consciousness explorers going beyond their "limitations" to create magic in their lives and the world.

You can live in even more ecstatic states.

Escape the grind, fatigue, burnout, and overwhelm.  Reclaim your life, body, and neurochemistry to experience daily flow states and a life (& schedule) that supports you and the divine being you are.

Pathways to Consciousness

Altered States - Flow States - Expanded States
Non-ordinary States - Extraordinary States

Different language - same destination:

Higher Consciousness & Incredible Lives

Altered States to Altered Traits

Utilizing altered states of consciousness - where you have access to more clarity, inspiration, and learning - allows you to have greater transformation in less time.

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Flow States & Peak Performance

Learn how to activate and utilize flow states daily to do your best work in even less time, so you can spend even more of your time living your ecstatic life.

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Feminine Flow Biorhythms

Design & create your ecstatic life in conjunction with your natural feminine biorhythms.  Combine the science of the feminine cycle with the masculine science of flow states to uplevel YOU and your life.

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Dena Dalai Grace is brilliant and intuitive and I often get the sense that she knows where I'm going before I do. That makes me feel seen and like there is an obvious path that I am dowsing my way to finding. I'm so grateful for the process Dena has with her craft and the way she guides other's to master their skills as well.


Working with Dena Dalai Grace is profound, providing me with clarity & conviction.  She asks the most unique & best questions I’ve ever been asked to shed light on areas that have never been exposed.  The breakthrough coaching experience changed my life!


My weekend VIP breakthrough coaching experience with Dena Dalai Grace connected me to a much higher version of myself. I feel way more connected to myself and out of my shell - we actually smashed the shell!  I now live boldly, authentically, and I don’t fear expressing myself.

Support Your Expansion & Leadership 

Choose to learn even more tools & skills to live your life in higher states of consciousness & experience upleveling all areas of your life.

Rising With Love

Love is the highest vibration.

Ecstatic states support us in cultivating love and Rising With Love supports you in cultivating even more love inside of you and all of your relationships for an even more ecstatic life.

Rising With Love is a non-linear journey to help you cultivate:

  • Choosing Love
  • BEing Love
  • Co-Creating Love

Are you ready to Rise With Love?

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Sacred Rebels

Supporting you towards even more transformation and divine feminine power so you can do life your own way.

Sisterhood + connection + adventures + play + altered states = next level magic.

Come play. Come learn. Come expand.

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Your Power is Your Voice

Your words, the vibration of those words, and the expression of those words through your body cast a SPELL. 

Our voices and our bodies makeup 93% of our communication (our words are only 7%!).  Learn to consciously use the power of your voice & body, as well as your actual language to speak even more effective spells and amplify change at the unconscious level.

This is the foundation of everything we do here in Ecstatic Collective.  All change happens at the unconscious level and we have so much power to effect that change through our powerful, intentional use of language & communication - through our spells.

This isn’t just a course about language & communication, this is about learning to effectively create even more of what you want in your reality (and to STOP creating the things you don’t want).

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Consciousness Games

Because growth and expansion gets to be fun, playful, non-ordinary, and extraordinary!

These invite only multi-day events are open to Ecstatic Collective clients and invited guests.

Consciousness Games are created to take you from where you are to where you want to be, fast!

How does it get even better than this? 


Dena, you are one of the BEST teachers!  You've had a tremendous impact on my life!  Thank you for your mentorship!


Dalai Grace, you're my favorite teacher of all time!  Your wisdom, experiences, and teachings are so well articulated.  The content is so damn rich!  The tools are amazing!  Even more please!


Dalai Grace, thank you for your NLP certification course plus mentorship.  The upleveling it has created in my life, heart, and wealth is incredible!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Dena Dalai Grace.

I help people learn how to use consciousness & their authentic power (their voice & body) to change their own lives and be even greater leaders. 

I am a potent trainer & facilitator, master breakthrough coach, & explorer of higher states of consciousness.

I've healed myself from childhod sexual abuse trauma through the power of altered states of consciousness combined with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

More about me

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Receive tips, exercises, and more for living an ecstatic life -  delivered to your inbox (occasionally).

Ecstatic Life Support

Receive tips, exercises, and more for living an ecstatic life - delivered to your inbox (occasionally).