OMG You are here! 

If you are reading this, you were invited here for a reason:

  • You‚Äôve met me someplace before.
  • You‚Äôve wanted to work with me and it hasn‚Äôt happened yet.
  • We've already had the delight in working together and you desire even more!
  • Someone you love referred you, or‚Ķ
  • The Universe aligned and delivered you here in perfect synchrony.

However you arrived here, I am grateful you are here.

And I am grateful for the path that delivered both of us to this moment now...


Allow me to take you back in time…


For me, my life started radically changing in November 2011 and kicked into overdrive in August 2012.

I started dismantling my sh*tty operating system and reclaiming my authentic self and power.

I spent years growing myself, alone.¬† That was the ‚Äústory‚ÄĚ of my life.¬† I knew I could count on me, so I did a lot of my life completely, fiercely, independently (and to my detriment at times).


During 2015 and 2016, I participated in a lot of workshops that allowed me to reconnect to my vulnerability. I¬†peeled back layers of my conditioning that had left me disconnected, isolated, and ‚Äúuntouchable‚ÄĚ inside of me and to the world.

Those workshops were huge for me in reconnecting with myself as well as developing deeply connected friendships that continue to support me and my evolution.

It was in those workshops, doing work together - pairs, small groups, and the entire large group - that I experienced massive transformation.  Being witnessed - and LOVED - in all my vulnerability broke me free of the fortress I’d put myself inside.


In November 2016, I said YES to working with my first coach, one-on-one.  The price tag was huge for me then and I’ve made huge investments in coaching since then.

Yet I always come back to those workshops, to the group environment.

There is something magical and exponentially more powerful when we are willing to do the work with others and truly be witnessed as well as witness others.


There is something primal in allowing the group to support us.


In fact, there is something rebellious in being completely held in our vulnerability by a community that is here to support us.


The rebel in me reveled in being held lovingly in community and it was with that loving support that I continued to break free from the societal conditioning and free myself from all the ways I had experienced being burned at the stake for being me.


Now, I am free.
Free inside of me.
Free to be seen and loved for ALL of me.
Free to do life, love, business, community, my way.

Now I am supporting even more incredible Rebels in their own freedom, inside and out.

Now I am creating that loving, supportive community for all these beautiful Rebels.

And you, dear Rebel, are invited in…


As women in this western world, we are raised, conditioned, and programmed to do things:

  • To take care of others before ourselves.
  • To put others’ needs/wants/desires before our own.
  • To put our lovely asses in someone else’s chair for 8 hours a day and do as we are told.
  • To be seen (and you better be “pretty” by society’s standards) and not heard.
  • To accept less than our worth or value; to go after and accept less than men.
  • To think with our heads and be disconnected from our bodies, hearts, intuition, sensuality, and divine femininity.

And if you don’t do these things, shame on you.


Then that shame tells you “you are bad, you are wrong” - in other words, you are not enough, you are not worthy.

Those limiting beliefs create resistance in you and stir a deep part of you.

The part of you that doesn’t want to do ANY of that old programming…

Who wants to walk her unique path and break free from all that sh*tty conditioning, that old operating system. 

As we do this, we are often told:

  • “You’re selfish.”
  • “How dare you…”
  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “What makes you think you can do that?”

Sound familiar? 


Or how about this…


 If all that isn’t enough to make you cringe and feel small, consider your experiences and relationships with other women (at any point prior to now).

You may have:

  • Felt unsafe with other women, which led to you being guarded and showing up as less than all of you.
  • Experienced constant competition from/with other women.
  • Had lots of male friends, but few female friends.
  • Witnessed, experienced, or been party to women stabbing each other in the back at every opportunity: gossiping, cutting each other down, making “fun” of each other, etc.

Or worse, you may have felt like you were burned at the stake for being uniquely YOU.


Feel familiar?


Unfortunately, this is what so many women experience, including clients Whitney and Morgan:


"Before working with Dena, I was taking responsibility for everyone else's stuff and their destinies, but not my own.  I was depleting my energy helping others and worrying about stuff I had no control over."


"Before coaching with Dena, I felt stuck in codependent relationships, getting caught up in their pain and struggles, draining my energy trying to help them and unsure how to vocalize my needs to these people."

Whether it is the way we are raised or the less-than-sisterly ways of relating to other women, we know we can have a different reality, that we can do life, relationships, and business our way, even the rebellious way.

As we embrace the rebellious way and break free of the old sh*tty conditioning and outdated operating system, it comes at a significant cost: relationships with partners, friends, family; the loss of homes and communities…

Periods of feeling we do not belong anywhere, until we find our people, our tribe.

Then we do find our people and we fine tune the new operating system to truly:

OWN our sovereignty

OWN our personal power

OWN our voice

OWN our gifts

OWN our leadership

OWN the sacredness of who we are

OWN the Rebel inside of us (instead of fighting against her)


That struck a chord now, didn’t it. 


Sacred Rebel

in you


with this.


Enter this container, where we support you in OWNING the Sacred Rebel and ALL that you are.  (As well as everything that helped create you, exactly as you are now.)

We honor that path, a path that is uniquely yours.

The path is a journey, not a destination.  


Where you are now and where you are headed are all relevant.  So is having the support to navigate the journey as a powerful, conscious, transformational woman and leader - as the Sacred Rebel you are.

Colibri G.

Dena’s coaching is loving and BOLD.  She helped me witness so many old limiting programs running my show - and to blow them up and get me out of my own way! 

When the coaching process was really uncomfortable for me and fear came up, Dena stayed present with me, bringing softness, compassion, and feminine nurturing to hold me - boldly - through the process.  To feel held and loved (and not abandoned) was huge for me!

Some of my biggest celebrations since my breakthrough coaching with Dena:

  • I have had multiple $10k months, which was a huge goal of mine!
  • I live in a home in the mountains paying rent that I never thought I could possibly afford.
  • I am navigating difficult relationship conflicts with ease and grace.
  • I've created powerful - and SAFE - relationships with other women.
  • I am living and feeling in my body - aligned, magnetic, and empowered!


Erika M.

Working with Dena was the best thing I could have done for my growth.

Dena expertly guided and coached me to identify the very source of my discomfort. With the breakthrough of this knowledge and a physical release of emotions, I felt much lighter and clearer on the new choices I get to make. I now navigate my discomfort with awareness, love and grace.

As a result of the breakthrough coaching process with Dena, I am celebrating being a newer brighter more beautiful version of myself. My self care rituals have increased and expanded. This is huge for me and it continues to evolve.

Dena holds space like no one I have ever received coaching from in the past. She is skillful in her use of language/communication and coaching. 

I highly recommend Dena to my friends and colleagues.

This is so much more than a container.  This is:

  • A village where you are safe and loved exactly for who you are in each moment.
  • A community where a core value is having each other’s back.
  • A world where you get to continue your growth with other incredible and powerful women.
  • A universe where your light gets to shine and is amplified by the other light beings in your orbit.
  • A multiverse of radiant sisterhood filled with compassion, collaboration, and co-creation.


Remember, we are incredible, powerful, conscious, transformational leaders AND we are still human.  We still need support:

  • To be surrounded by others who can help us grow and evolve even more.
  • To be held in love and compassion when challenges present themselves.
  • To be invited to step up into even more of who we are.
  • To be nurtured and celebrated!

 This is THE container to hold you as the magnificent Sacred Rebel human you are, creating your magic in this world.

As these beautiful Sacred Rebels come together, mingling their powerful energies, know that every single one amplifies you - & each other - EXPONENTIALLY.

How does it get even better than this?!


This support is the foundation of intentionally co-creating you and your life with the Universe.

Support is critical for anything you are building & becoming.



"Dena's work is powerful.  I've seen greater success in my business, more powerful and delightful relationships arise in my life, and an overall sense that I am at cause and able to create and choose where I go and what I experience moving forward."

So WHAT is
Sacred Rebels?!

 I’m so glad you are wondering!

Over the years, I have always magnetized the right private clients.  Incredible individuals with magic coursing through them (and a Rebel inside).

As I’ve grown and my business has evolved, working with me privately has turned into a high-end mentorship program…

…yet lots of people want to work with me...

and I coach my clients on similar issues/problems/limitations.

When time is limited and similarities abound, it is time for something new:

Sacred Rebels:
transformational group coaching
for conscious feminine leaders & beings.

Twice a month we gather on Zoom to address your questions and uplevel your beliefs and consciousness to help get you out of your own way.  (Details below.)

I know from my own experience the power of group coaching.  When one person is willing to do the work in front of the group, everyone wins.  Because our unconscious minds are always making it about us (and it gets to be!).

I love group coaching.  The group environment has been one of my favorite parts of the different courses I’ve facilitated over the years.

And I’m thrilled to finally bring Sacred Rebels to life!

As your facilitator and master breakthrough coach for this journey, I have walked this path, breaking free of the old operating system and owning the Sacred Rebel I am, the truth of who I am at my core, my essence.

I have shepherded and mentored leaders for most of my life, cultivating amazing individuals and creating magic with so many, so they can live in their divine light and create ecstatic lives.


Along the way I have learned to listen to my Inner Voice, to trust in the divine energy moving through me and fully accepting my mission here in human form.  

I have navigated healing deep trauma aided by my intuition, higher states of consciousness - including psychedelics, and the vast toolkit of modalities I acquired along the way (many of which I train others in).

My magic is people.  I have an innate ability to meet you where YOU are at, uniquely as you, and help you in getting out of your own way (& staying out of your way).

I am here to support the Sacred Rebel in you in being even more of the magic that you are so your light and your gifts can be shared with the world.

[You can read more about me in the About Dena section below.] 



“Dena’s presence and ability to fully focus and be present with me is a gift beyond measure. The way she is able to see the root of seemingly complex situations, emotions, thoughts, etc. and distill it down into easily understandable concepts is incredible.”

Within Sacred Rebels, you are:

 Supported to be & live the magic of who you are

Learning to upgrade the spells you cast to upgrade the life you live

Co-creating sisterhood with other incredible, high vibing women leaders

Evolving & deepening your commitment & integrity to yourself (and what that creates in your reality)

Transcending levels of consciousness so you can have even more impact in your work and relationships 

Take a moment and notice how you feel right now.

~ If you feel called to this, if you feel something inside of you leaning into this, desiring this, lighting up from this…then know you get to choose what is right for you.

~ You get to be supported in your big vision and the magic of who you are to create that vision.  You get to create the life you desire.  You get to breathe easier and feel more expansion in your life.

~ You get TO!  Now, are you ready to?


Great!  Let’s do the details.

Your membership as a Sacred Rebel is a year long and includes:

20 Group Coaching Sessions

Two (2) 90-minute live Zoom calls/month
1st & 3rd Thursdays*

NLP + Spiritual

*Neuro-linguistic programming* coaching & spiritual mentorship to meet you where you are at.

Sister Play Dates

Special invitations to live playshops, in-person events & retreats. Priority registration & discounts.

Exclusive Offer

Opportunity to work privately with Dalai Grace one:one!

Again, working with Dalai Grace one:one has become a high-end mentorship program.

As an exclusive offer to Sacred Rebels, you can schedule private one:one time with her (without investing in the full mentorship or a package).

Complete details are available to Sacred Rebels in the Membership Portal.

  • When you join, you will be prompted to set up a username and password (or login if you already have Ecstatic Collective courses).

  • Your login details will also be emailed to you.

  • Login to the Membership Portal at:

  • *Group Coaching Sessions are live Zoom calls¬†on the¬†1st & 3rd¬†Thursdays of the month at 10:30am Pacific Time!¬†¬†Zoom call details will be in a welcome email as well as in the Membership Portal.¬† (There will be 20 live calls per calendar year.¬† No calls the¬†3rd Thursday of August & 1st Thursday of September.¬† Other dates with no sessions will be announced.)

  • Calls are recorded and uploaded to the Membership Portal so you can watch/listen to them later.¬† You can always choose to NOT be recorded.

  • *Dalai Grace is a trainer of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), which is essentially the users manual for your mind.¬† She combines NLP with other modalities (that she is also a trainer of) as well as spirituality and consciousness to support you where you are at.

  • Look for invitations to upcoming Sister Play Dates!¬† Galavant and cavort with you Sister Rebels at a playshop or retreat.¬† (Amazing events are already planned!)¬†

What is the value of transformation to you?

What is the value of upleveling your life?

What is the value of improved relationships to you?

What is the value of the wealth you desire?


 Allow your Inner Voice or your body to be your guide as you decide this is right for you.

Leaning in!

You are invited to click on the "join now" button [in pink, below] to enroll.

Then you will be prompted to create your username and password (or login if you already have one).

Check your inbox upon enrollment!


I’m so excited for the Sacred Rebel in you to connect with the other wonderful Rebels in this community.


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"Working with Dena is profound, providing me with clarity & conviction.  She asks the most unique & best questions I’ve ever been asked to shed light on areas that have never been exposed.  The breakthrough coaching experience changed my life!"

"More affordable and even more effective than therapy!"

- Erika

Jessie Sarah

"How many coaches I had to go through - you can put them all together and they still don’t equal Dena!"



"Dena is so mature in her wholeness & fullness.  I see the wise woman in beautiful and motherly in the best way!  Dena, thank you for all the work you've done [on you] and being the channel you are!  The whole process was so beautiful and painless.  Growth with no suffering...imagine that!"

Hi beautiful human!  I’m Dena.  I also go by Dalai Grace.  I love to help people.  I love to help people get the f*ck out of their own way.  I love to help people figure out what they want in life and go get it.  I love to help people clean up their past so they can have the life they’ve always desired.  I love to help people level the *F* up!

My love of helping people and working with people started early.¬†¬†I took my first social-emotional training at age 7.¬† That started years of training in conflict management and mediation, leadership, communication, facilitation, and more ‚Äď all before graduating high school.

By 15, I was already teaching personal development courses and planning events and experiences.  My trajectory and training continued throughout my education (including 2 masters degrees) and a 17-year career (that I loved).

People love me.  I’ve been a leader, facilitator, teacher, mentor, and coach my entire life.  I make things easy to learn and digest.  I bring play and fun to the table.  I’m a great speaker - I’m fun to listen to AND I’m engaging.  I’m vulnerable and authentic.  I give people their power back.  Yes, I’m tooting my horn here because I know what I have to offer and it is all damn good. 

That’s why I am here.  One of my mentors recognized the magic I have working with all types and styles of people.  She saw how I led and mentored my 85 staff and she experienced my coaching firsthand.  And she gave me the nudge to go out on my own - to leave my 17-year career - for something even better.  She saw the light in me and said the world needs me to share my true gifts.

So in 2016, I did it.  Here I am - sharing my gifts with people like you and helping people transform their lives and consciousness (are you one of them?).  And I love every minute of it!  I love mentoring and coaching my clients.  I love training and certifying other incredible coaches.  I love sharing spiritual teachings.  I love contributing to YOU expanding!


I love my work and I love my beautiful life.

My life wasn’t always as magnificent as it is now.  I came from a lower middle class family and was left to fend for myself from an early age.  I’ve been financially responsible since age 15.  Nothing was handed to me, but I was determined and I worked my a$$ off to create the life I always dreamed of - and that dream is now my beautiful reality. 

I dug deep and did my inner work (and I still do it in incredibly intentional ways and with lots of non-ordinary states of consciousness). 

My beautiful reality is the outer expression of my inner self.

And this is what I love to help others do…to align the inner and the outer.  To help people create congruency.  I work magic WITH you.


Now, my lifetime of training and experience allows me to help you get the *F* out of your own way so you can design, create, and live YOUR ecstatic life.

Welcome to me.  Dena / Dalai Grace, Minister of Magic, at your service.

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