Consciousness works in incredible, infinite, miraculous ways.  When we tap into consciousness, synchronicities abound.  We think we are going down one path only to discover we are upon another because consciousness played its miraculous role.

And now you are HERE.

By the beautiful miracle of consciousness, you found yourself delivered here, which may or may not be where you “thought” you were going, yet consciousness delivered you here.

NOW, would you be willing to consider this?  This miraculous moment is not an “accident, “mistake,” “wrong,” or “bad.”  

Would you be willing to consider you, the infinite being you are, actually created this miracle.  Because there is something even greater here for you than wherever you thought you were going.

That’s the way “life” works.  Are you willing to play the game of life?  Are you willing to play that game with us? 

We do things different here.  And since you ended up here, we bet you do things differently, too.  YAY!  We like different over here.

So come on in, see what we have to offer you…after all, you helped create this reality you are currently in, reading this…so allow your curiosity to take you in and explore what you discovered.

It’s not magic.  It’s synchronous.

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