Psychedelic NLP /
Mind Manifesting NLP

Integrating the Magic of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
& Higher States of Consciousness


The word PSYCHEDELIC comes from Greek and it means mind manifesting, hence the alternative name: Mind Manifesting NLP.

And you most likely landed here because this is Psychedelic let's start with an overview and chunk down into more specifics.

Higher states of consciousness...

  • Non-ordinary states
  • Extraordinary states
  • Flow states
  • Expanded states 
  • Peak states
  • Altered states

Different language, same place: higher states of consciousness!

The secret: higher states of consciousness "alter" us quite literally - our neurochemistry changes.

Our neurochemistry can be "altered" or activated naturally through meditation, movement, play, sound, voice, orgasm, breath work, social connection, and more.  Our brain already makes perfect neurochemical cocktails through these natural methods.

Different psychedelics also mimic different neurochemicals.

No matter the method of activating our neurochemistry, once we do so, we enter higher states of consciousness.

Enter NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming is essentially the users manual for how your mind works.

NLP is all about how our operating system is "written" or "coded" and "installed."

Most people are running an outdated operating system written, coded, and installed in early childhood.  And never updated...and all of this is happening without a users manual!

And you'd like a users manual now, wouldn't you?!

Learning NLP provides you the users manual!

With NLP + higher states of consciousness, you now have the tools to upgrade the operating system - easily and effortlessly!

The opening created through higher states of consciousness provides the opportunity to create change - at the unconscious level - FAST. 

This change breaks up old neural pathways - the super highways in our unconscious thinking that create the limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that get in our way.

Out with the old - in with the new!  In this "neuroplastic state" - when the brain can change - the new operating system is written, coded, and installed. 

Adding in NLP techniques during higher states of consciousness is easy - you can do it for yourself.

From this bird's eye overview...let's move lower into some specifics...

What is NLP, specifically?


These change techniques come from studying some of the best therapists, coaches, motivators, entrepreneurs, and others who exhibit genius - and results - in their work with others.  

NLP is NOT a “theory” or something that is “done to” someone.

NLP is “done WITH” you so you can achieve the changes and results you desire in any and all areas of your life. 

These changes happen at the unconscious level - no willpower required - and are surprisingly easy and effortless to achieve.

Consider this…a common experience most people have experienced is purchasing a computer or a smartphone.  When you purchase that device, it has an operating system (OS) installed inside of it. 

That operating system follows certain “code” that controls how it functions.  The operating system is hidden from you - you are not inside of it reading all of the code - you are simply trying different BEHAVIORS and seeing what results you get.

As you learn how that hidden operating system functions, you adopt a series of BEHAVIORS that then produce RESULTS.

The longer you use that device, the better you get at using it [BEHAVING] and being able to, unconsciously, follow certain steps to consistently produce certain RESULTS.

Then one day a red dot appears over the Settings App.  The “operating system update” has come.

You consciously consent to the upgrade by agreeing to the new terms and conditions…

 …operating system update in progress, please hold…

Then voila!  Installation complete in a matter of minutes and that operating system update creates change instantaneously at the unconscious level deep inside the device (inside the code)! 

Instantaneous change has occurred and you are aware there are changes and you are aware that there are now new results - even better results.

(You want that too, don’t you?)

This ALL is exactly like your own unique, one-of-a-kind operating system.  You came into this life with much of it already installed (that’s called epigenetics).  And most of the rest of it was installed before you started elementary school.

Welcome to your child operating system (cOS).

A significant portion of that cOS works great for us in childhood…yet for most people, that operating system has never been updated.  So we use a series of behaviors that continue to get the same old results when the results we desire are not the same as when we were children.

Most adults are running a child operating system that is decades old - and without a users manual!

Question: would you use a computer or smartphone with an operating system that is 10, 20, 30, or even 50 or 70 years old?!

  • If so, how well do you think it would function?
  • How much time do you think you’d spend “willing it” to work…when the operating system is no longer even supported?!
  • How much time would you spend whacking your head against the proverbial wall because you are frustrated that you cannot get the results you desire now - as an adult?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an easy upgrade AND even know the behaviors you produce will get you the results you desire now?!

This is the power and magic of NLP:

Upgrading the operating system at the unconscious level for effective, lasting change. 

And abracadabra - now with the users manual for your mind & an OS upgrade, your ability to use your mind with intention allows you to manifest your desired reality: your relationships improve, your experience of money improves, your health improves, you stop destructive and sabotaging behaviors, your thoughts have changed…and even more.

This is what is possible for you.

Who uses NLP?

All the best coaches in the world know and use NLP.

The most effective therapists know and use NLP. 


Because NLP change techniques are easy and effective, working at the unconscious level where ALL behavior orginates.  When change is made at the unconscious level, it is immediate and consistently produces lasting results.

And because NLP is quick, easy, effective, and lasting, NLP coaches and consultants are among the highest compensated.

As a certified NLP Coach (& Psychedelic Integration Coach), your work is of the highest service and worthy of massive compensation.

Who else uses NLP?

Parents, families, teachers, relationships, employees, teams, anyone and everyone who learns, knows, and utilizes NLP - for good - experiences incredible positive change in their lives, relationships, work spaces, health, wealth, and even more!

Why learn NLP?

Do you want to be given a fish every time you are hungry?  Or would you rather learn to fish for yourself whenever and wherever you are?

Every time you are stuck in your life or things are not going the way you desire, do you want to go to therapy or workshops or personal development courses?  Or would you rather have the tools to support yourself whenever and wherever you are?

And while you are at it...if you already know how to fish, if you already know how to produce lasting change easily and effortlessly, would you want to help others too?

NLP Training & Certification allows you to:

  • Help yourself.
  • Help others.
  • Build and grow your own business: coaching, leading workshops and/or retreats, providing transformative corporate trainings, working with families, and even more.

The tools and techniques of NLP can be used in any environment, for any problems, and for all kinds of transformation!  

No longer beholden to a J-O-B, you can design the life and business of your dreams.

Upgrade You and Your Life with NLP + Higher States of Consciousness

Dalai Grace (aka Dena Justice) is your Masterful Trainer to experience and learn the skills, tools, and techniques of NLP.

Her own work integrating NLP + higher states of consciousness, including psychedelics, supported her in resolving massive traumas and designing, creating, and living her ecstatic life.

Most of the participants in the NLP training have their own personal relationships with psychedelics, and it is not required.

Please note that utilization of psychedelics is not part of any of the events, retreats, or training, though it is discussed.

A personal intentional practice with other expanded states is highly encouraged throughout the training as the natural neurochemistry produced aids the change work and integration.

Other methods to higher states of consciousness will be utilized in the events and retreats, including: PLAY!, movement, meditation, sound, voice, and/or breathwork.



Enjoy exploring what we have to offer!

As you do, bring your awareness inside of you:

  • What looks good to you?
  • What sounds good to you?
  • What feels good to you?
  • What makes sense for you?

Pay attention to how the offerings look, sound, and feel...this is your THIRD experience of the magic of NLP (and something that has been occurring inside of you your entire life), come learn even more!

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