Psychedelic NLP

Integrating the Magic of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
& Higher States of Consciousness

Higher states of consciousness...

  • Non-ordinary states
  • Extraordinary states
  • Flow states
  • Expanded states 
  • Peak states
  • Altered states

Different language, same place: higher states of consciousness!

The secret: higher states of consciousness "alter" us quite literally - our neurochemistry changes.

Our neurochemistry can be "altered" or activated naturally through meditation, movement, play, sound, voice, orgasm, breath work, social connection, and more.  Our brain already makes perfect neurochemical cocktails through these natural methods.

Different psychedelics also mimic different neurochemicals.

 No matter the method of activating our neurochemistry, once we do so, we enter higher states of consciousness.

Enter NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming is all about how our operating system is "written" or "coded" and "installed."

Most people are running an outdated operating system written, coded, and installed in early childhood.  And never updated.

With NLP + higher states of consciousness, the operating system gets an upgrade, easily and effortlessly.

The opening created through higher states of consciousness provides the opportunity to create change - at the unconscious level - FAST. 

This change breaks up old neural pathways - the super highways in our unconscious thinking that create the limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that get in our way.

Out with the old - in with the new!  In this "neuroplastic state" - when the brain can change - the new operating system is written, coded, and installed. 

Adding in NLP techniques during higher states of consciousness is easy - you can do it for yourself.

Upgrade You and Your Life with NLP + Higher States of Consciousness

Dalai Grace (aka Dena Justice) is your Masterful Trainer to experience and learn the skills, tools, and techniques of NLP.

Her own work integrating NLP + higher states of consciousness, including psychedelics, supported her in resolving massive traumas and designing, creating, and living her ecstatic life.

Most of the participants in the NLP training have their own personal relationships with psychedelics, and it is not required.

Please note that utilization of psychedelics is not part of any of the events, retreats, or training, though it is discussed.

A personal intentional practice with other expanded states is highly encouraged throughout the training as the natural neurochemistry produced aids the change work and integration.

Other methods to higher states of consciousness will be utilized in the events and retreats, including: PLAY!, movement, meditation, sound, voice, and/or breathwork.

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