Does anxiety make you freeze or run the other way?

Does anxiety rule your decisions or even stop you from making decisions?

Does overwhelm consume you and keep you stuck?


I’ve been there. And I’m here to tell you…


I beat anxiety.
I overcame anxiety.
I obliterated and dissolved anxiety.


Nearly my entire life I experienced anxiety.

Anxiety was debilitating for me at times, keeping me frozen and sometimes making me sick (I’d throw up!). 

It felt like I went rounds of being in fight, flight, or freeze!


FIGHT made me feel a constant state of defensiveness with everyone.

I found it incredibly challenging to let down my guard.

Vulnerability?  I didn’t know what it was! 

All I knew was I had an edge to my voice and in my energy that wasn’t what I wanted to feel,
but I didn’t know what to do to change that…
except defend myself at every turn.

~ The defensiveness pushed people away from me.  I felt empty in my relationships.


FLIGHT led me to always be in motion.

Constant f*ing exhausting motion.

I’d pack my calendar from sun up to sun down almost every day of the year.

Seriously - if I spent more than 4 weekends at home in a calendar year,
I thought there was something wrong with my life. 

~ I was always on the go - from anxiety - and it left me feeling empty and exhausted.


FREEZE.  This was the state I’d be in if for any reason I had down time from the fleeing!

I had to plan my life to flee the anxiety and if those plans changed,
I’d be stuck, frozen in my anxiety, unable to make decisions or take actions.

I didn’t trust myself to be alone with nothing to do because I didn’t want to become so anxious that I would throw up. 

~ F*ck anxiety.  I wanted away from it at all costs…especially when I was frozen with it.


And cost me, it did.

Anxiety Cost Me:

Intimate relationships
Focus at work
Money & time spent doing things I wasn’t a HELL YES to
Physical impacts to my body
And more.

Anxiety and I were in the most intimate of relationships.

And I wanted The F*ck Out of that relationship.

And here’s something really interesting…


I didn’t even really understand that I was “suffering” from anxiety.


I just knew I had feelings in my body that I didn’t like and I wanted away from those I C K Y feelings.

So I developed strategies and tools to manage my anxiety…
and I did it mostly on my own.

The strategies and tools I developed WORK. 

And as I began to understand my anxiety and subsequent behavior patterns,
I was able to unlock anxiety’s hold on me…one tumbler at a time. 

A lock has tumblers inside it that align with the unique grooves of a key…
and only the right key aligns with all the tumblers to make the lock open.

For me, I found the right combination of tools and strategies - the right KEY -
to align with all the tumblers and click the lock open -
freeing myself from anxiety’s prison - completely.


That’s right. 


And I never thought that could or would happen.


You can have that, too. 

At least, you can move in that direction. 

Because you have to start somewhere to actually achieve that.


That's why I created:

This is an online course with my tools, strategies, tips, insights, and stories to help you create and build your own toolbox to navigate and reduce your anxiety with ease.


This course was going to be a mini-course -
a simple course with 5 videos
based on a workshop that I collaborated with Psychedelics Today on. 

People like you wanted this workshop,
so we pivoted to a mini-course…


…and then I got caught in my inspiration and took massive inspired action. 

I realized I had so many great strategies and tools to share, so I kept making videos and grew the course.


Now this full-on course features
over 20 videos and
3 hours of content. 
Plus it will continue to grow as I add more tools.


It’s an Anti-Anxiety Toolbox! 


What’s really great about it is you can watch the videos in any order based on what looks good/sounds good/feels good to you. 


This toolbox is like the locksmith who comes when you’ve lost your key and he uses his magic tools to help create a new key to fit the lock.

And every lock is different.


Because anxiety is unique, like you, and the key to freeing yourself from your anxiety will be different than the key that freed me from my anxiety.


And every tool or strategy you learn along the way, is aligning a tumbler in the lock.

So Let's Unlock This!


I’ve loaded the course full of amazing content AND included phenomenal extras.

~ Journal prompts to support you - things I wrote about and talked about with others as I learned to unlock anxiety’s prison door.

~ BONUS videos all about how I use non-ordinary states of consciousness to reduce my anxiety - and to FREE myself from the anxiety prison once and for all.

~ Plus other great resources to help you gain insight into your anxiety and to gain calm!


Reduce your anxiety.

Have even more control over your life.

Sleep at night.

Feel calm and be able to relax.

Focus and take action (get unfrozen!).

Improve your relationships.

Feel more of the JOMO.

Feel FREEDOM from anxiety.


Take a moment and notice how you feel right now.

~ If you feel called to this, if you feel something inside of you leaning into this, desiring this, lighting up from this…then know you get to choose what is right for you.

~ You get to take your life and power back from anxiety.  You get to create the life you desire.  You get to sleep at night.  You get to breathe easier and feel more expansion in your life.

~ You get TO!  Now, are you ready to?


Great!  Let’s do the details.

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  • There is currently a total of [just under] 3 hours of content contained in over 20 videos.

  • Each video is loaded with tips, tricks, and tools plus journal prompts that are strategic, healing, and powerful - all to help you gain calm and reduce your anxiety.

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I’m so excited for you to start unlocking your anxiety and for you to gain calm!

Hi beautiful human!  I’m Dena and I love to help people.  I love to help people get the f*ck out of their own way.  I love to help people figure out what they want in life and go get it.  I love to help people clean up their past so they can have the life they’ve always desired.  I love to help people level the *F* up!

My love of helping people and working with people started early.  I took my first social-emotional training at age 7.  That started years of training in conflict management and mediation, leadership, communication, facilitation, and more – all before graduating high school.

By 15, I was already teaching personal development courses and planning events and experiences.  My trajectory and training continued throughout my education (including 2 masters degrees) and a 17-year career (that I loved).

People love me.  I’ve been a leader, facilitator, teacher, and mentor my entire life.  I make things easy to learn and digest.  I bring play and fun to the table.  I’m a great speaker - I’m fun to listen to AND I’m engaging.  I’m vulnerable and authentic.  I give people their power back.  Yes, I’m tooting my horn here because I know what I have to offer and it is all damn good.

That’s why I am here.  One of my mentors recognized the magic I have working with all types and styles of people.  She saw how I led and mentored my staff and she experienced my coaching firsthand.  And she gave me the nudge to go out on my own - to leave my 17-year career - for something even better.  She saw the light in me and said the world needs me to share my true gifts.


So I did it.  Here I am - sharing my gifts with people like you and helping people transform their lives (are you one of them?).  And I love every minute of it!

I love my work and I love my beautiful life.

My life wasn’t always as magnificent as it is now.  I came from a lower middle class family and was left to fend for myself from an early age.  I’ve been financially responsible since age 15.  Nothing was handed to me, but I was determined and I worked my a$$ off to create the life I always dreamed of - and that dream is now my beautiful reality. 

I dug deep and did my inner work (and I still do it in incredibly intentional ways and with lots of non-ordinary states of consciousness). 

My beautiful reality is the outer expression of my inner self.

And this is what I love to help others do…to align the inner and the outer.  To help people create congruency.  I work magic.

Now, my lifetime of training and experience allows me to help you get the *F* out of your own way so you can design, create, and live YOUR ecstatic life.

Welcome to me.  Dena Justice, Minister of Magic, at your service.

How can I support you?