You are cordially invited to a PlayShop:

Play &
the Divine Feminine


A day and evening of delightful activities, amusements, curiosities, and connections. 

Everything curated to delight the Little Girl inside of you
while embracing and nurturing the Divine Feminine you are. 

PLAY is the expanded state of consciousness.

Laughter is the medicine.

Joy, exuberance, love, and light are the results
(as well as some ahas, insights, gems, & takeaways!).


When we play together, our creativity flows and our connections blossom even more.

This is a space for conscious women to expand, together.

When we create in community, we all expand exponentially.

Consider this a playful way to generate new ideas, create new collaborations, and open to new infinite possibilities.

(If you’ve been feeling stuck, blocked, or unsure of the next creative step in your life, business, relationship, anything, this is the event to allow you back into the flow of creative intelligence.)

Remember, it is a PlayShop, not a workshop, because doing the "work" gets to be fun and playful.  You're welcome.


Saturday, November 5, 2022
1:11pm PT


Live & in person @
The Nook Sanctuary
San Rafael, CA


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Your PlayShop Activities:

Consciousness Games

Through play, we are accessing our most natural expanded state of consciousness, which opens us to the infinite field of possibilities for the other activities!

We start our PlayShop with Consciousness Games to bring us into conscious connection with ourselves and each other, inviting the Little Girl in us and all of who we BE to join in the play with all the other incredible divine feminine in the space.

Consciousness Games will delight you in new ways while also dropping you deeper into the magic of the day and offering you opportunities to discover more of what this event has in store for you - you will leave with insights & gems!

Divination Altars

After a powerful guided meditation, we will be creating incredible altars.  The facilitator will describe how to "read" the altars and we will delight in playing "Fortune Teller." 

This is an activity people LOVE, and who knows, maybe you will have new information and direction for the future coming at you! 

Clothing Swap

Bring clothing, jewelry, accessories - all those things of great quality you are about to donate…bring them, share them, swap them, gift them! 

The Little Girl inside of you gets to be delighted at playing dress up and taking your fave new things home with you.

Plus, giving & receiving are two sides of the same coin!  This taps us into the law of abundance.

Sound Bath

All divine feminine time includes spa time!

Our PlayShop winds down with a nurturing Sound Bath.  Immerse yourself in the sensory experience and some other magical surprises to help you marinate in the day's revelations and filling you up with extraordinary delight.

Extra Surprises

To create even more joy in you, a variety of other surprises are planned.

You will depart the event with party favors to support integration of your playfully inspired revelations as well as to nurture your mind, body, heart, and soul.

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“Dena’s enthusiasm and energy makes being in her presence a true joy.  She infuses these qualities, as well as her confidence and ability to create connections with people, into every event, course, or program.  The growth I've experienced from working with Dena is exponential, so I keep coming back for even more (nearing 8 years)!”


"Dena is an energizing facilitator who truly wants to empower her participants through breakthroughs that revitalize their lives.  She creates space for people to explore their purpose and inspires them to take action. In one day alone, she built rapport not only between herself and the participants but also among the participants. Her authenticity and the sense of community allowed deeper connections and sharing among participants. I had a couple of Aha moments that I am taking into consideration for moving forward!”


“This event was time well spent! The exercises were thought provoking and very engaging. Dena’s events are always fun and inspirational, motivating me to keep growing myself and my future. Thanks for another great event Dena!”

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Meet Your PlayShop Facilitators

Dena - Minister of Magic (& Play)

Dena's entire life she has helped people play.  Play is her favorite extraordinary state of consciousness - its fun, plus it is also the easiest expanded state to access and activate, because it is our most natural state and way to be present in the world!

People love Dena.  She's been a leader, facilitator, teacher, mentor, and coach her entire life.  She makes things easy to learn and digest.  She brings play and fun to the table.  She is a dynamic speaker whose is fun to listen to AND engaging while bringing vulnerability and authenticity.

That’s why she is here, doing this!  One of her mentors recognized the magic she has working with all types and styles of people.  That mentor saw how Dena led and mentored 85 staff and she experienced Dena's coaching firsthand.  That incredible mentor gave Dena the nudge to go out on her own - to leave her 17-year career - for something even better.  Her mentor saw the light in her and said the world needs her to share her true gifts (& her light).


So in 2016, Dena took a leap of faith and did it.  Now, here she is - sharing her gifts with people like you and helping people transform their lives and consciousness (are you one of them?).  

Dena loves her work and businesses.  She loves mentoring and coaching clients.  She loves training and certifying other incredible coaches.  And as the Minister of Magic, she LOVES sharing spiritual teachings and contributing to YOU expanding!

Dena's life wasn’t always as magnificent as it is now.  She came from a lower middle class family and was left to fend for herself from an early age. Dena's been financially responsible for herself since age 15.  Nothing was handed to her. It was her determination and willingness to work her a$$ off that lead to her creating the life & relationship she always dreamed (and now with ease and grace!).

Dena dug deep and did her inner work (and she still does it in incredibly intentional ways and with lots of non-ordinary states of consciousness).

Her beautiful reality is the outer expression of her inner self.

And this is what Dena loves to help others do…to align the inner and the outer.  To help people create congruency. Dena works magic WITH you.

And play is one of the ways magic happens!

Bridgette - Sound Bath Goddess

Bridgette Joy Trowbridge is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Ancestral Nutritionist with a background in Medical Anthropology. She has held a private practice in Northern California and part time in Hawaii for over 10 years. 

Her current passion is the educated use of sound to promote health and wellbeing of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual parts of ourselves. 

Owner of the Sonic Shala, a sound healing haven, Bridgette has assisted hundreds of individuals through sound, bodywork, and nutritional therapy.

She is a devoted student to sound and music for its immense healing capabilites and has written many of her own songs through her personal healing journey. Her passion for health and wellness stems from a deep desire to show others that embodying a healthy lifestyle can be simple and extremely rewarding for you and the planet! 

Dress Up!

The invitation is to allow the Little Girl inside of you to dress you up for this playful feminine occasion! 

What was your favorite thing to wear as a little girl?
(Wear that!)

For Little Dena, she loved beautiful dresses.  Dena will be wearing her favorite fancy party dress to express Little Dena AND her Divine Feminine.

More Testimonials


“I have been inspired and impressed with the depths Dena goes to in stretching for the hard to reach places emotionally and spiritually. She is committed to the work of self-accountability and being crystal clear on what she desires and sets out to accomplish in her life. This is reflected in the ways she creates community and the presence through which she facilitates.


“Dena is a very effective and open-hearted group leader. She has a pleasant balance of structure / time management and flexibility / spontaneity. She creates trust and openness within the group. Her enthusiasm and playfulness are contagious. We had big fun. I was impressed by Dena’s insights into our exercises, our minds, and our hearts. She asks open ended questions eliciting self-generated realizations. I appreciate Dena’s compassion, personal stories, wisdom, and directness.”


“This is a gem of a group. Dena has a passion for meaningful connection and helping guide people to connect - with themselves and others - which creates amazing events.”

Your presence is desired!

Come play!
Co-create & be delighted!

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