Are you struggling with life being hard and challenging and feeling like you are not getting where you want to be?
Are you experiencing self-sabotage?
Are you fed up with hitting the edge / limit / boundary of success; of receiving more in life?
Are you scraping by knowing there is more available to you in life, but not understanding how to get more?
Are you frustrated because you see other people doing great, succeeding, achieving their dreams and goals, and you feel like you are getting left behind?
Does life often seem like Groundhog Day-
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on repeat?
The only way to end these cycles of struggle is to take control of AND free your mind (v your mind controlling you).  Once you learn this skill, you will be able to get out of your way easily and effortlessly so you can live your most ecstatic life.
This is the beauty and simplicity of the 2-day experiential event:

Get the F* Out of Your Own Way.

It is the easiest investment in yourself with the biggest impact - for your life, your future, your relationships - you just don’t know it…yet!
In this transformational event, you’ll get to breakthrough old programming that has kept you boxed in, pushed down, or held back, easily and effortlessly.

You will also discover: 

  • The single most important thing that will take you from where you are to where you want to be, FAST.
  • The easy and fast steps to release negative emotions as well as limiting beliefs that are getting in your way - freeing you from the Groundhog Day-like cycles.
  • Why self-sabotage occurs and how to stop it!
  • How to design and create a compelling future.
  • How to set and actually achieve your goals.

We meet on Zoom - so any excuse you have to
not come is purely your unconscious mind being attached to the old way of being: in your own way!
Are you ready to let that go, now!?
We look forward to witnessing your breakthroughs and transformation as you get out of your own way, freeing you up to go from where you are to where you want to be - fast!

 Stop suffering through your own Groundhog Days.

Stop the challenges created from self-sabotage.

Stop settling for less than what you want.

Instead, get the f*ck out of your own way
and step into the life you truly desire!  


U.S. Dates:
Fall 2023 dates coming soon!

Location: on Zoom

We are excited to welcome participants from countries around the world!



2 Breakthrough Days

Powerful experiential transformation - FOR YOU!

GTF Workbook

A guide and record of your transformation.

Future GTF Invites

GTF Out of Your Own Way...

...of Money / Wealth
...of Love
...of Health

Global Connections

2 Trainers:
San Francisco, USA
Melbourne, Australia

Participants from around the world!

Everything listed above is included in either option.


Live Event + Online Course


What You Receive:

  • 2-Day Live Zoom Event
    - PLUS -
  • Online Course with BONUS Content

Repeat the course as often as you need and for all areas of life!

The Online Course is available without the live event for $333.

Total value of this offer is $480 - save $283!


Live Event Only


What You Receive:

  • 2-Day Live Zoom Event

Please note there is NOT an upgrade option after your registration is complete.

Register for the Live Event + Online Course to get the online course for only $50 (regular investment is $333).



Jetta's Experience:

"I loved participating in Get the F*ck Out of Your Own Way. The timeline processes were amazing - I cleared myself of toxic shame and self-hatred that had been eating at me for quite some time. This is a HUGE celebration for me and I quite literally feel more energized with my batteries charged to 4000% - massive breakthrough!"


What you will experience in this transformational event combines decades of research on psychology, human behavior, neuroscience, quantum physics, consciousness and more from some of the world’s greatest thinkers including Aristotle, William James, Dr. Milton Erickson, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Rupert Sheldrake and even more. 

Get the F*ck Out of Your Own Way is a simple step-by-step program, which is quick, effective, and easy to use.  

You already have the answers inside of you, our only job is to help you discover the answers for yourself, for your future.

Join us so you can get from where you are [in your way] to where you want to be [out of your way] - FAST!



This program helped me get clear on where I am in my way, uncover my heart’s desires, make empowered new choices, take massive action, and move into living my ecstatic life NOW!”


"Dena is an energizing facilitator who truly empowers her participants through breakthroughs that revitalize their lives!”


“This event was time well spent! The exercises were thought provoking and very engaging. Dena’s events are always fun and inspirational, motivating me to keep growing myself and my future. Thanks for another great event Dena!”

Meet Your Facilitators

Dena Justice

People love Dena.  She's been a leader, facilitator, teacher, mentor, and coach her entire life.  She makes things easy to learn and digest.  She brings play and fun to the table.  She is a dynamic speaker whose is fun to listen to AND engaging while bringing vulnerability and authenticity.

Dena spent 17 years in a golden-handcuffs lucrative career she loved: helping people play.  Her undergraduate degree as well as TWO masters degrees supported her career.  Near the top, she started feeling like there was more, yet she didn’t understand or know what that meant.  She simply knew she did NOT want to pursue the next step in the career path.

At the same time, one of Dena’s mentors recognized the magic she has working with all types and styles of people.  That mentor saw how Dena led and mentored 85 staff and she experienced Dena's coaching firsthand.  That incredible mentor gave Dena the nudge to go out on her own - to leave her 17-year career - for something even better.  Her mentor saw the light in her and said the world needs her to share her true gifts (& her light).

So in 2016, Dena took a leap of faith and did it.  Now, here she is - sharing her gifts with people like you and helping people get the f*ck out of their own way - to breakthrough their self & societal imposed limitations and reach new levels of expansion, success, love, health, wealth, and living lives they truly desire to LIVE!

As a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Coaching, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy¬ģ, Dena loves training and certifying other incredible coaches.¬† Her special flavor of NLP includes integrating altered states of consciousness to exponentially increase the power of the inner work for even more radical and sustainable transformation inside and out.

Dena’s love of this work evolved from her own experiences of the transformational results of these modalities.  She came from a lower middle class family steeped in codependency.  She was sexually abused for many years in early childhood.  Money was traumatic in her family of origin.  At 15 her family experienced a devastating bankruptcy and Dena has been financially responsible for herself since.

Dena‚Äôs commitment to doing the inner work lead her to integrate NLP, Time Line Therapy¬ģ, and Hypnosis with psychedelics to transform her childhood and teenage traumas into triumphs and to free herself from interior prisons that kept her IN (and the world out).

Dena literally CREATES and LIVES her life with these tools, techniques, and modalities!¬† Her¬†beautiful reality is the outer expression of her inner self.¬† The relationship she has with herself, her life partner, Sebastian, and their growing empire is a testament to the transformational power of NLP, Time Line Therapy¬ģ, Hypnosis, as well as altered states of consciousness. ¬†

And this is what Dena loves to help others do…to get the f*ck out of their own way so they can build magnificent lives, relationships, and empires!

Dr. Kim Brown

Kim is a highly qualified and dynamic Osteopath running a successful Melbourne, Australia based Health and Wellness clinic. Her interest in allied and holistic health comes from her own experience of pain, and a curiosity about alternate healing options, mind tips, and success hacks.

Kim desired to end her constant back pain, mental stress, and physical stress.

After battling with pain and lethargy for years, she started to think there was more out there instead of the medical models that left her frustrated, tired and unsure who to trust. She was curious about why some people were stuck in pain and discomfort while others were open to the prospect of moving into a state of optimal wellness.

Here's what worked better for me: learning NLP.


In order to best help her Healthcare patients, Kim embarked on a remarkable learning journey.  She is now an incredible certified trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®.

While her Masters in Health degree helps her work like a mechanic for your body, Kim's other qualifications combine to help you like a mechanic for your mind, emotions and limitations.

Kim's firm-but-fair teaching style supports you to smash through emotional roadblocks, past upsets and aims to break the patterns of ‘comparison-itis’.

She knows you already know this, but it’s worth reminding you. If you settle for the way things are, even though you know there’s something more out there for you, you’ll have regrets.

Her work facilitates you to let go of the past - including the physical, mental, & emotional suffering - and live a thriving life.

You want your life back, too, don't you?

Time to get the *F* out of your own way! 

More Testimonials


“I have been inspired and impressed with the depths Dena goes to in stretching for the hard to reach places emotionally and spiritually. She is committed to the work of self-accountability and being crystal clear on what she desires and sets out to accomplish in her life. This is reflected in the ways she creates community and the presence through which she facilitates."


“Dena is a very effective and open-hearted group leader. She has a pleasant balance of structure / time management and flexibility / spontaneity. She creates trust and openness within the group. Her enthusiasm and playfulness are contagious. We had big fun. I was impressed by Dena’s insights into our exercises, our minds, and our hearts. She asks open ended questions eliciting self-generated realizations. I appreciate Dena’s compassion, personal stories, wisdom, and directness.”


Dena’s coaching allowed me to be honest with myself and stop settling!  I’ve taken massive action in just 3 short months and I’m enjoying my life more than ever.”

Everything truly is possible with the power of our minds.

NLP and the other modalities presented are ways to learn to utilize our minds for good and in our favor - to get us the f*ck out of our own way so we can do even more good in our lives & in the world!

Live Event + Online Course


What You Receive:

  • 2-Day Live Zoom Event
    - PLUS -
  • Online Course with BONUS Content

Repeat the course as often as you need and for all areas of life!

The Online Course is available without the live event for $333.

Total value of this offer is $480 - save $283!


Live Event Only


What You Receive:

  • 2-Day Live Zoom Event

Please note there is NOT an upgrade option after your registration is complete.

Register for the Live Event + Online Course to get the online course for only $50 (regular investment is $333).



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