People often want to know what I did, how I created so much magic in my life:

  • The most incredible intimate relationship with the love of my life.  A relationship beyond my dreams.
  • An easy and effortless business I love with soulmate clients I love.
  • A growing sisterhood - relationships with incredible women I love (after spending most of my life with mostly male friends and keeping women friendships at a distance).
  • Evolved my relationship with money to a place of empowered peace and love (instead of fear).
  • Healed big Trauma and set myself free from the trauma prison I spent over 40 years inside of.
  • Came to know and own my personal power, the infinite being I AM, my worth, and how to create everything I desire in my life.
  •  And even more…

Choosing Me, Choosing Love is how I did all of this.

This program is quite literally where I started with myself: changing my relationship with ME, beginning in 2011.

This program is the foundation of everything I have created in my life since 2016 when I radically chose me, my life, my dreams, my future.

I’ve been facilitating this content with clients since 2017.  It has evolved and grown, like me.

Let's zoom out for some perspective...

Choosing Me, Choosing Love

 Is how I did all of this.

I spent upwards of $300k on personal development: courses, programs, trainings, and coaches to evolve me and my businesses, to “solve” my “problems.”

But it was never about my “problems.”

It was always about ME.

Let’s put some context in here:

My entire life had never been about me.  I put other people first, I catered to others, I made my decisions based on what I’d been conditioned with from society, my family, or the men in my life.

I did what I “thought” I was supposed to and my life felt like an uphill battle in deep, wet snow.

I was “successful” by societal standards, yet I was not fulfilled or satisfied.

In December 2011, one of my best friends died - the person I loved most in the world.

It was a huge wake up call to me.


So began a long, slow road learning to make my life about me.

For years, I really focused on making it truly, authentically about me from a grounded, self-loving, self-accepting space.

To learn what I wanted for me, to find my joy and happiness, and even to return to my spirituality (something I’d hidden in a dark closet inside of me since my early 20s).

All of it was deeply uncomfortable.

Then March 23, 2016 happened.

That day, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life: I chose me over a man I was deeply in love with.


It scared the sh*t out of me.

My friends showed up in spades to support me in my OMG-I-can’t-believe-I-am-doing-this-this-is-so-f*ing-uncomfortable decision.

For 30 days, a different person called me everyday.  The purpose of the calls was to be held, to be witnessed.

I had the opportunity to process and be with what I was choosing, to be present with myself without having to explain it all to the people I was connecting with.  To just be with myself and receive the support of someone else. 

That month led into 7 courageous years of me showing up and FULLY, whole-heartedly, no-f*cks-given, unapologetically choosing me.


And what about the $300K of investments to “solve” my “problems”?


In all of that, no one ever taught me how to whole-heartedly choose myself.


I had to learn this and figure it out mostly on my own.


And learning to choose me has made all the difference.



So, let’s turn this to you.


What has it cost you to “solve” your “problems”?


How’s that working for you?

For some of you, it’s not.

For others, it may be working okay, yet you keep creating the same patterns and problems, wondering when the cycles will stop.

For some others, you may be doing a decent job and wondering why you are stuck.

For even others, you may be doing a great job yet fear/worry/anxiety run you in the background and it takes an enormous amount of your energy to keep it all going and all you want is a reprieve, to relax, to trust and know it will all be okay.


I can go on, yet I think you all are getting the point.  And I’ve experienced all of that myself.


What’s at the CORE of all of these scenarios?

What is the common denominator in your life?


It’s about YOU.

You are the common denominator in your life!

It's about YOU

choosing YOU
for YOU!

Be careful not to misinterpret this.  It is NOT about choosing you from a narcissistic place.

It is about choosing you from a grounded, centered, congruent, aligned, harmonious place inside of you.

A place in you where you are not in conflict with any part of you (or the outside world).

This is the place inside you where it gets to be easy, effortless, fun, exciting, even more magical and magnificent.  And as you create all of this IN you, your reality and the world around you automagically reflects it!


You want that place!

I found that place inside of me.

And I’m here to support you in finding that inside of you.


It’s not some 5-step system or some mastermind or this-or-that.

It’s purely a commitment to yourself.  To doing this work inside of you and possibly in community with others.  

Because YOU are a unique being.  


Finding your truth and choosing YOU is a unique journey you are on.


And this is my gift to you: to meet you where you are at, to help you tune your inner guidance system, so you can BE the light of who you are.


I know how to do this.  I’ve been doing it for years:

I taught my first personal development course at 15!

My focused attention and intention has been on this since 2011 - refining it for myself and all areas of my life.

Prior to starting my business in 2016, coaching and mentoring staff was my full-time/career job. 

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been formally facilitating this content in other courses I have created.  In fact, the very first course I created is the foundation of this program!  (Oh the joy of offering that program the very first time!  I'd hosted a workshop in my home and made the rained down on me as people THREW their money - cash and credit cards - into my lap to sign up!)

And now that there is conscious awareness of what I went through and experienced as I learned to choose me, I get to stand in my power and magic to support you, to model to you, to ask YOU the right questions so you can choose you over and over.

Let’s start with this question:


What is NOT choosing you every day costing you?

Happiness?  Joy?  Delight?

Less than amazing relationships?

Continued belief in scarcity and lack?  

Health issues?

Dissatisfaction with your body?

Disconnection from others?

Working in a J-O-B you feel less than passionate about?

Contraction, isolation, separation?

The love you desire?


What is it really costing you? 


Be real with yourself.  Be brutally honest. 

You are invited to write it down.

Write down what not choosing you is costing you.


…are you writing it down?…



Here come the next questions…


WHEN are you going to CHOOSE YOU?  


Take a stand for you?


Be all in FOR YOU?

Your future?

Your life?

Your dreams?

Your goals?



No one else can choose you for you


 I want you to know you are not alone and you get to be human - perfectly imperfect and learning new ways of choosing to support you.

Because this is where you learn to choose yourself and love yourself even more.


Do this choosing of you with others who are choosing themselves, too. 

Because when we do it together, it is easier, our growth is exponential, one person’s healing is everyone’s healing.

I show up in this space to support you in choosing YOU.


For many of you, it will also mean breaking-up with:

Doing everything for others.

Putting yourself last.

Feeling guilty when you take care of yourself first.


I know.  I’ve been through all of that.

You can do this.  This course and the extended community are here to help.


One of the things I learned in all my personal development is that we all need MODELS, because we learn the best unconsciously.

What exactly does that mean?

We learn through watching others.  And then we do what they do.

And unfortunately, most of us were NOT modeled great things about self-care, self-love, self-compassion, self-trust, self-forgiveness, self-worth…


Especially as women.  

(Guys, there are also plenty of you who resonate deeply with this.  So stick around.)


Women are conditioned - MODELED - to put others before, and often above, themselves.

And shame on you if you take care of you, first.  How dare you?  You are selfish.


I invite you to be selfish!  To flip the switch and choose you, first.

I dare you.


Dare to be
of your

I dare you to be the center of your universe.

I dare you to be the center of your life, your love, your magic.


Because no one else can be at your center - only you.


And isn’t it time you took your rightful place?


That’s right.  It is time.

Time for YOU to CHOOSE YOU.


I will tell you this simple truth: when you choose you and the magic that you are, your entire life changes.

Your “problems” will start to resolve themselves, magically.

So you are ready to do this!?

I thought so.

Come on in.  We’ve been waiting for you.

So have you.

Take a moment and notice how you feel right now.

~ If you feel called to this, if you feel something inside of you leaning into this, desiring this, lighting up from this…then know you get to choose what is right for you.

~ You get to be supported in your big vision and the magic of who you are to create that vision.  You get to create the life you desire.  You get to breathe easier and feel more expansion in your life.

~ You get TO!  Now, are you ready to?


Great!  Let’s do the details.

Choosing Me, Choosing Love includes:

6 Module CourseĀ 

Videos & Exercises
24/7 Lifetime Access
All Future Updates!

Rising With Love Events

Special invitations to:
live playshops,
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& retreats.

2017 Pricing!

This work has changed so many lives and now it is time for it to spread [love] like a wildfire and benefit even more people!

  • When you enroll, you will be prompted to set up a username and password (or login if you already have Ecstatic Collective courses).

  • Your login details will also be emailed to you.

  • Login to the course portal at:

  • You get to stay engaged - in our online community plus connect with us on Social Media.  All those links are available to you in the online course portal.

What is the value of choosing YOU?

What does choosing YOU do for your life?

Your goals?

Your dreams?

Your relationships?

What is the value of transformation to you?

What is the value of upleveling your life?

The value of the content of Choosing Me, Choosing Love is priceless.

My life is an expression of learning to choose me - that is priceless!

I believe in and know the power of this work.  And I am taking divinely guided action to do somethings I've never done before in business:

1. You get lifetime access WITH all future updates (at no additional cost) AND...

2. When Rising With Love: Oneness opens for enrollment, you receive a credit for Choosing Me, Choosing Love towards Rising With Love: Oneness (in the form of a discount code emailed to you). 

It is a win-win-win.

Your current self wins, your future self wins, the people around you win, all of your relationships win, the world wins.


“I couldn't imagine paying for the course in the beginning. Yet, somehow I did. The growth and change I experienced from this course was worth it, transforming my life in ways I didn't know it could be transformed. The a-ha moments and healing that took place were monumental. That in and of itself is priceless and you cannot put a price tag on this type of growth. Thank you so much, Dena, for gifting us with your expertise.”



“I've participated in a lot of courses and workshops, investing thousands of dollars.  None of those investments gave me the foundational element of choosing me.  The value of what I received from this program is priceless.  Most importantly, I got me back!”



“I discovered I have a right to ask for and receive the things I want and need.  I also discovered I have a right to filter people.  These two takeaways allowed me to shift from settling for what I can get to going for what I want - and getting it!"



“I'm in my sixties and only now learning how to choose myself!  How different my life and marriage could have been.  Now I am creating the relationship I've always dreamed of and feel like I have an entire new life to live and future to create.  This program changed my life, my relationships with my children, and my entire future.  Thank you, Dena!"


“Participating in this program was one of the most joyful and profound experiences of my life.  Dena's facilitation and experience has contributed to me valuing myself even more and the impact in my life and relationships is everywhere!”

We need even more empowered women choosing themselves and the light they are; to share their beautiful gifts and light with the world.

 Allow your Inner Voice or your body to be your guide as you decide this is right for you.

Leaning in!

You are invited to click on the "enroll now" button [in white, below] to enroll.

Then you will be prompted to create your username and password (or login if you already have one).

Check your inbox upon enrollment!


I’m so excited for you to choose you & the infinite positive impact this decision has on your life, relationships, and the world!


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Jessie Sarah

"How many coaches I had to go through - you can put them all together and they still don’t equal Dena!"

Hi beautiful human!  I’m Dena (aka Dalai Grace) and I love to help people.  I love to help people choose themselves so they can get out of their own way.  I love to help people figure out what they want in life and go get it.  I love to help people clean up their past so they can have the life they’ve always desired.  I love to help people level up inside and out!

My love of helping people and working with people started early.  I took my first social-emotional training at age 7.  That started years of training in conflict management and mediation, leadership, communication, facilitation, and more – all before graduating high school.

By 15, I was already teaching personal development courses and planning events and experiences.  My trajectory and training continued throughout my education (including 2 masters degrees) and a 17-year career (that I loved).

People love me.  I’ve been a leader, facilitator, teacher, mentor, and coach my entire life.  I make things easy to learn and digest.  I bring play and fun to the table.  I’m a great speaker - I’m fun to listen to AND I’m engaging.  I’m vulnerable and authentic.  I give people their power back.  Yes, I’m tooting my horn here because I know what I have to offer and it is all damn good.  This is me choosing to shine the light I am!

That’s why I am here.  One of my mentors recognized the magic I have working with all types and styles of people.  She saw how I led and mentored 85 staff and she experienced my coaching firsthand.  And she gave me the nudge to go out on my own - to leave my 17-year career - for something even better.  She saw the light in me and said the world needs me to share my true gifts.

So in 2016, I did it - I choose me and my gifts.

Here I am - sharing my gifts with people like you and helping people transform their lives and consciousness (are you one of them?).  And I love every minute of it!  I love mentoring and coaching my clients.  I love training and certifying other incredible coaches.  I love sharing spiritual teachings.  I love contributing to YOU choosing you and your expansion!


I love my work and I love my beautiful life.

My life wasn’t always as magnificent as it is now.  I came from a lower middle class family and was left to fend for myself from an early age.  I’ve been financially responsible since age 15.  Nothing was handed to me, but I was determined and I worked my a$$ off to create the life I always dreamed of - and that dream is now my beautiful reality. 

I dug deep and did my inner work (and I still do it in incredibly intentional ways and with lots of altered states of consciousness). 

My beautiful reality is the outer expression of my inner self and it all started with choosing me.

And this is what I love to help others do…to align the inner and the outer.  To help people create congruency.  I work magic WITH you.


Now, my lifetime of training and experience allows me to help you choose you so you can design, create, and live YOUR ecstatic life.

Welcome to me.  Dena / Dalai Grace, Minister of Magic, at your service.

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