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  • Powerful communication strategies to transform every area of your life
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*VALUE Investing* model allows you to contribute even more based on your ability to pay and your own commitment to this work. 

Consider your financial means, where you live in the world, and how much you desire transformation.

For USA, if your yearly gross income is:

  • Under $50K, consider $333
  • Over, $50K - consider investing an additional $100 for every additional $10K in income.
    • So if your income is $60K, consider $433
    • If your income is $100K, consider $833

This model helps us offer work to everyone and challenges the typical model of business.

The bigger the investment is for us to make, the bigger the results we receive.

What is the value of transformation and growth, for you?  For your relationships?  For your future?

How committed are you to you?  To your relationships?  To your future?

Psychologically, we only value what we truly invest in.  Are you willing to invest in yourself, even more, now?!

We thought so!  Welcome in!  We are so excited to support you and see how you do all this!


This course is non-refundable.

What People Are Saying:

YES! I recommend this training! Why? It is an important set of tools and an important framework that is simple. You are fluent in a couple of months. Dena's spin on it with non-ordinary states of consciousness is great. If psychedelics are all about working with the unconscious mind and NLP is another set of tools that works on the unconscious mind, it only makes sense to pair the two.

Joe Moore, CEO of Psychedelics Today

Dena’s NLP+NOSC training program has been such an incredible toolkit for me. I am such a fan of how this entire program has helped me orient how I think about life and the amount of power I feel in it. These tools plus understanding how language creates our reality - all of that has proven to be really helpful in me getting my life on track, thinking clearly and getting better results. Dena is such an incredible, enthusiastic coach - helping you get on track when you fall off. I am a huge fan and highly recommend working with her!

Mareesa Stertz, Co-Founder of Lucid News