Transformational Trip Tools:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness Training & Certification Program

Tools and skills for powerful impact and transformational change.
For you. For your relationships. For your clients. For life.

Examples of non-ordinary states of consciousness include meditation, movement (think running, yoga, ecstatic dance, group exercise, and more), breath work, trance/hypnosis, flow state, play, orgasm, & psychedelics.


~ What if everything in life can actually be easy and effortless?


~ What if you have simple tools to help get yourself and others unstuck?


~ What if you learn to make small shifts in your own communication with big impact?


~ What if you can communicate with anyone - your clients, romantic partner, kids, colleagues - easily and effortlessly - every time?

~ What if you gain new insight and understanding of your own and other’s communication styles and can understand any conversation?
Or direct any conversation?



It all starts with communication - Conscious Communication

The problem is most people were never taught how to use language and communication to actually communicate in ways that impact their life - getting them the results they want and truly creating the life they desire.

Everything is possible when you master language and communication!

Improved relationships

Career momentum

Wealth and abundance

Positive influence

Even more love and magic!

What impact are you currently having on yourself?  Others?  The world?

What impact do you WANT to have?

Are you aware of the gap between your current impact
and the impact you want to make?
YES?  Great!

So, you are ready to close the gap!

It all starts here.  The power of language.

The conscious use of language and communication.

You ARE ready!  Let’s do this!

You will learn how to:

 Master and use language and communication with volition, intention, and for good.

 Easily transform or create relationships that are win-win!

 Gain absolute control of your mind to produce the thoughts, feelings and behaviors you desire.

 Let go of the fears, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions from your past that are holding you back (even the ones you aren't aware of yet!).

 Gain instant rapport with anybody.

 Coach yourself and others for outstanding results and success.

 Supercharge your performance and produce your best results every single day.

 Support others with powerful communication during non-ordinary states of consciousness.

 Utilize non-ordinary states of consciousness to create powerful, lasting change and to manifest your dreams.

 Model excellence and install any behavior at the unconscious level!

 Remove unwanted habits and unwanted behaviors!

 Stop ALL self-sabotage.

 and so much more.....

"Yes, I recommend this training! Why? It is an important set of tools and an important framework that is simple! You are fluent in a couple of months. Dena’s spin on it with non-ordinary states of consciousness is great. If psychedelics are all about working with the unconscious mind and NLP is another set of tools that works on the unconscious mind, it only makes sense to pair the two."

Joe Moore
Co-Founder & CEO of Psychedelics Today

The FULL NLP + Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness Training is a 16-week program filled with:

  • Easy to follow modules with exercises for deeper learning and integration.
  • Weekly support to keep you on track.
  • The collective consciousness of powerful individuals transforming and upleveling their lives alongside you.
  • A team cheering each other on.

What You Get in this Program!

32 Hours of Live Zoom Calls

Each 2-hour call (16 total calls) focuses on Content Integration, Q & A, and more!

People LOVE these calls -
full of value and applicability to YOUR life!

Over 40 Hours of Instruction

Videos and audios to support your leaning style -
and your schedule.

Practice Techniques

Live calls also include time to practice  the techniques and tool.  For every technique, you get to experience being both the Client and the Practitioner.  So while you are learning all this - you also get to uplevel your own life in the process.  

Five (5) Powerful and Recognized Certifications

You have the power to utilize what you have learned to help others transform their lives. Whether these certifications are a magnifier and amplifier to use with other modalities you already use OR if these certifications are the beginning of a new path of coaching/guiding, all 5 will impact your life and the lives of those around you, forever.

Certified NLP Practitioner

Become a Master Communicator and uplevel your world!

Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner

Utilize with anyone, including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and more!

Certified NLP Coach

A coaching certification exceeding the industry standards.

Milton Model Hypnosis Certificate

Master 19 hypnotic language patterns and utilize in any context, especially non-ordinary states of consciousness!

Conscious Use of Language & Communication in NOSC Certification

Exclusive to Ecstatic Collective - only available here!

You Also Get...

Interactive Course Portal

Online portal delivers the content modules for your course!
Complete with Training Videos, Training Manuals, Recordings of all Group Calls…and more!

Magic and Surprise Opportunities!

Every cohort is unique and magical on its own. Co-create magic and transformation together and see what new opportunities arise.

Even More Bonuses!

Keep reading and leaning in to see what extras make this training even more appealing! 

Bonus details below!

Let's Talk About Money!

We all have a relationship with money and we all have strategies for how we make decisions (like buying strategies and how we know we made a good decision). 

In addition to learning about decision making strategies (NLP techniques!), we will also be talking throughout the course about alignment and trusting ourselves - and what is happening at the unconscious level that makes a difference. 

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize (or enhance) your own alignment, easily and effortlessly.
  • Shift into alignment!
  • Apply these concepts to your relationship with money and your capacity to receive even more money!

Trust yourself.  Breathe into your decision and take massive action now, knowing it is the first step in upleveling and transforming your life! 

Here is the important thing to know, right now. 
The payment option you choose is the right choice for you, in this moment. 

YES!  You are doing this!

Who is this training for?

The Leader

The Leader who is on a mission to be the best they can be. 

The Leader who leads powerfully, communicates clearly, effects change and transformation - all easily and effortlessly. 

The Leader who speaks and is heard, who enters a room and is seen.

The Therapist/Guide

The Therapist/Guide who knows their role is sacred and powerful and wants to amplify their integrity and impact. 

The Therapist/Guide who helps their journeyers to the absolute best of their abilities with the conscious use of language & communication, new transformative healing modalities and tools, and a format for integration.

The Coach

Every top coach in the world
knows NLP…
and that includes you,
doesn’t it?


This is for you if...

You want to get from where you are to where you want to be - FAST!

You enjoy life hacking (Oh, the tools and magic mind tricks this program has for you!)

You are results oriented

You like change and transformation

You want something more from your life and your relationships

You want everything to be easy and effortless

You want the secrets to unlocking even more success and financial abundance

You want new tools for your toolbox

You know you are a gifted leader/therapist/guide/healer/coach/parent and need simple frameworks for creating impact

You like to win (and you like others to win, too)

You love evolving while also earning certifications that help you, your life, your clients, your business, your relationships, etc.

You are ready to be amongst the great coaches/therapists/guides/leaders of the world!


You know it’s f*%$ing time to do things differently…



This is NOT for you if…

X  You want others to make your life work for you

X  You believe that life happens TO you

X  You are committed to your stories or being right

X  You believe you are only responsible for 50% of the communication in every interaction

X  You lack commitment, clarity, dedication, or consistency

X  You don’t know how to show up for yourself - consistently

X  You want to continue living your life from a place of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and/or guilt

X  You think the “unconscious mind” is BS

X  You know the path of least resistance is the right path

X  You love how life seems to get better and then s#it always hits the fan

X  You want to continue settling - for relationships, for living paycheck to paycheck, for [insert whatever it is you settle for here]…



Hey you!  Yes, YOU!

Did you recognize yourself in any of the above?
Want to change those things?
This program will do that! 
AND spring you forward to where you want to be. 
How’s that sound? 


That's what these folks in the testimonials wanted too -
to move forward in life and to get where they wanted to be,
easily and effortlessly...


On NLP, Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, and Transformation

"With every module, this course changed my life for the better. Learning how to be a master communicator has positively affected my career and all of my relationships. It is amazing how much we use language and communication unconsciously. To learn how to utilize it consciously means instantaneous results. I feel like I am being heard and seen!"


Mareesa Stertz

Hear what Mareesa had to say about the impact of this training! Mareesa is a documentary filmmaker passionate about how entheogenic plant medicines are helping heal physical, psychological, and mental traumas. Her docu-series, The Healing Powers, is currently streaming on Gaia TV. She is also co-founder and Media Director of Lucid News.


Ryan Beauregard

Zendo Project, Manager

As the Manager for the Zendo Project, a peer based harm reduction organization providing support in communities and festivals (including Burning Man), Ryan is very familiar with harm reduction and non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC). He understands the power of language and communication in NOSC. 

Zendo Project is sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

"I’m positively transformed from this work, and share my passion for this course, NLP, and Dena Justice with those who are ready to take the next step in their own personal empowerment and ownership of their ability to create a better reality through adopting the best model for their lives; one that truly feeds the heart, the soul, and the mind."

My Yes and Overall Experience

I had been shopping around for the right NLP course and teacher for years, and though there are many robust offers out there, it was the deep resonance I felt upon meeting Dena and being interviewed for her program that convinced me that this was the program I’d been waiting for. 

Personally, there is a huge value add for me and the community that is embedded within this mutual vetting process that is prerequisite to joining this course.  The result was a group of students who had not only committed to showing up and doing the work, but were hand selected from a pool of people who needed to be set apart from those other folks who weren’t quite ready for this level of NLP and self-transformation.  

This NLP course distills the content and efficiently delivers new ideas and concepts to illuminate inner and outer language and perception patterns, which are immediately applicable to the models that live within real world dynamics.  

Weekly cohort video calls give those who are willing to be vulnerable the opportunity to see where our thoughts and beliefs (in other words, NLP), unconsciously or improperly applied, can keep us stuck in patterns that don’t serve our larger vision and purpose.  These real life, real time examples from the cohort participants are examined, with kind reflection, to give us the key to changing our limiting belief systems into empowering models that mirror our inner dreamscapes. We are reminded that we are capable of achieving even more in this lifetime when we get out of our own way, let go of negative emotions, and realize the abundance of new choices and opportunities we are surrounded by, in every moment.  

The online component of the course is powerful and educational, while the practice sessions are the culmination of all the theories and techniques delivered in well orchestrated experiential exercises, which becomes the toolkit for applying NLP and Timeline Therapy to our lives and our work with clients.

Dena is an outstanding trainer who knows her content and how to deliver it!

Her advanced knowledge of applied NLP is extensive and is matched by her ability to organically facilitate transformation in those around her through understanding each person’s unique models of language, communication, and systems of perception. 

Dena knows how to use real time situations and effective directed questioning to deliver immediate reflections, pivot points, and self-discovery to her students and clients. 

Her teachings illuminate patterns and opportunities otherwise hidden within individuals, group dynamics, and team cohesion building.

Dena's accountability, follow through, and consistency bring integrity to her interactions and the training. 

"My training journey with Dena has been nothing short of incredible! I was cracked open in the most gentle, loving, and effortless way. This process has given me the confidence I always desired to embrace so that I can go out and change the world, one amazing human at a time! Thank you Dena from the depths of my open heart."

Ericka Nicole
Abundant Soul Integration

"With every module, this course changed my life for the better. Learning how to be a master communicator has positively affected my career and all of my relationships. It is amazing how much we use language and communication unconsciously. To learn how to utilize it consciously means instantaneous results. I feel like I am being heard and seen!"

Your Future Self

I Am Ready To:

Utilize language and communication in new and empowering ways (and in non-ordinary states of consciousness)

Learn how to create instant liking and agreement between me and another person (or group of people!).

Transform all of my relationships with powerful communication

See from new perspectives

Discover how me and my team use our minds to create the realities we want.

Let go of negative emotions

Release limiting decisions and limiting beliefs

Stop unwanted behaviors

Accept responsibility and take complete control of my feelings and state. (Hint – this alone will transform my life and business.)

Unveil the secret programming that is creating all behavior in me, my team, and others.

Reveal how to control my mental processes to create specific results.

Develop a deeper understanding of how everyone uses language in a different way.

Learn 19 language patterns to help me bypass the conscious thinking pattern of my team and others so I can eliminate resistance and influence them positively.

Understand the strategies people use to make decisions so I can use their same strategies to help them make better decisions.

Know how to detect, stop, and integrate inner conflicts, permanently.   Once I remove my inner conflicts around success, money, and anything else stopping me, I will step into new areas of expansion and receiving!

Master the eleven principles of goal achievement and set goals in my future so they are compelled to come true!

What is it REALLY about?

--> It’s All About You! <--

* Getting the off out of your own way.

* Doing the work, in real time, so you can help others, now.

* Interrupting your own patterns.

* Seeing new choices and doing things differently.

* Saying YES to you, your life, your relationships, your wealth, and more!

* Expanding your language and communication skills.

* Trusting your unconscious mind.

* Getting into - and staying in - alignment.

* Connecting with other powerful leaders/guides/coaches who are expanding in the same ways you are.

In this program, I am receiving:

Intensive Content Instruction & Application

Over 40 hours of content instruction and exercises for application, transformation, and integration.

Training Value: $5000
Transformation Value: Priceless

Interactive Course Portal

Online portal for course content: Training Videos, Training Manuals, Recordings of all Group Calls…and more!

Value: $2500

Course Materials

Four (4) Training Manuals and Course Books

Value: $2000

NLP Practitioner Certification

Included in the training.

Value: Priceless

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification

Included in the training.

Value: Priceless

NLP Coach Certification

Included in the training.

Value: Priceless

Milton Model Hypnosis Certification

Included in the training.

Value: Priceless

New Skills & Tools

You will use for a lifetime!

Value: Priceless

Personal Growth & Transformation

How does it get even better than this?!

Value: Priceless

Upleveled Relationships

Now and into the future.

Value: Priceless

New Opportunities

In all of life and business!

Value: Priceless

Total Value is Over $9500 - Before the Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Live Calls WITH Engagement (Value: $5000)

This training is unlike any other.  Live calls focus on integration of course content, Q&A, AND hot seat coaching (not just delivering training content all blah-blah-blah-blah-blah). 

PLUS live bonus practice sessions to learn the techniques and tools where you get to be both the Client and the Practitioner.  

Previous participants LOVE this about the course: they get to integrate the content while exploring real-life applicability, which makes learning the content even easier!  And when life happens (for us!), participants can bring their challenges to the calls and experience the magic of NLP coaching first-hand and in real-time.  

That's 36 hours of live calls for integrating the course material.

How does it get even more valuable than that?!

Bonus #2

Training Audio Files, for on-the-go learning (Value: $1500)

It gets even more valuable with the audio files! 

Layering in learning techniques is one of the focuses of how the mind (and NLP) work. 

Hear it, see it (read it), say it, do it. 

With the audio files, you can hear it in the car, during your workouts, while doing chores, etc.  Learning has never been so easy (and fun)! 

How does it get even more valuable than that?!

Bonus #3

Trance Inductions (Value Priceless)

Even more value is added with trance inductions. 

Indulge in the ease and effortlessness of learning all the content via trance (aka hypnosis). 

Using Milton Model Hypnotic Language Patterns (which you will also learn and receive certification in), enjoy these inductions both by listening and reading. 

Start to see and experience the magic of hypnosis! 

How does it get even more valuable than that?!

Bonus #4

Is a surprise. And So. Worth. It. (Value Priceless)

A value add above and beyond this program. 

Every participant wows at this - and says a huge and enthusiastic HELL YES. 

How does it get even more valuable than that?! 
You’ll have to participate and find out!

And more! YES! There are even more bonuses along the way.

This is so worth it.

That comes to....
Over $6500 in bonuses
+ $9500 in the program
= Over $16,000 in VALUE
(plus the Priceless Value Adds)

But of course, we want you in on this!
So the investment is...


What's It REALLY Worth?

Even more happiness, joy, and love!

Even more financial abundance.

Even more ease moving forward in life.

Even more of having what you want.

Even more confidence and ease to navigate difficult conversations and situations.

Even more clarity in life purpose and direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so glad you asked and the short answer is YES!  Click on ENROLL NOW to see the options.

This program is ideal for leaders, therapists, coaches, guides, healers, and parents who want to improve their communication and relationships (with self and others).

This program is also ideal for anyone who works with people during non-ordinary states of consciousness, including (and not limited to): meditation, breathwork, movement (think yoga, ecstatic dance, group exercise, and more), trance/hypnosis, flow state, and more...yes, including those other mind altering substances people may choose to ingest of their own free will.

We covered that above and here are some others. 
This is not for anyone unwilling to try new things.
This is not for those who deem themselves "uncoachable" and refuse to be supported. 
This is not for anyone who feels the world owes them something.
This is not for anyone who wants to continue making excuses as to why their life is not the way they want it to be.
This is not for anyone who relates to themself as a victim.
This is not for anyone who is unwilling to do the work to move forward in life.
This is not for anyone who is looking to be spoon-fed content and graded on a curve or anyone who expects a certification without time in to do the work and get results.

This is also not for those who are unkind or incapable of receiving or delivering constructive and compassionate feedback. Please be aligned with sharing, supporting, and encouraging others, and making comments that are in the highest good of all. 

Great question!

Upon enrolling you will have IMMEDIATE access to the course content.  You can start learning and integrate the content into your life immediately!

YES! Your address is required during checkout so we can mail you some of the course materials.

The calls will be every Thursday at 5:30pm PT. 

  • Summer Cohort starts July 22, 2021

Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your cohort’s site (within 24 hours) so you can listen to them if you're not able to make the live call.

Six 90-minute practice sessions immediately follow some of the calls (so from 7-8:30pm).  You will receive a syllabus and schedule.

You will have access to the online course materials for at least one year from the start date of your cohort.

Payment plans are great for people that need to space out their payments over time.  By choosing a payment plan, you agree to the following terms:

  • Payments must be received via autopay, on time.
  • If payments are late or missed, access to the course content will be suspended until payment is received.
  • Any staff time incurred to facilitate payment will require a $250 administrative fee, per incidence.
  • One-half of the total investment must be received before continuing from NLP to Time Line Therapy®.
  • Payment in full for the program, as well as any incurred administrative fees, are due before continuing from TLT to NLP Coach training and receiving certifications.

You can pay the balance of what you owe at any time and only pay for the portion of the financing fee that you used. 

For example (these numbers are for example purposes only):
If $967 is the total financing fee, then divided by 12 months = $80.58/month.
If you make 5 payments and then choose to pay the balance due, you only pay for 5 months of financing ($402.90 total financing).

You may request a refund within 3 days of enrolling, less a $500 non-refundable deposit.

For more details, please read this site's Terms.

Becoming a master communicator changes your life and the lives of people around you.  The level to which this happens depends on each individual and how they utilize language and communication already and to the extent they incorporate the content from this course.  I love this content and how it has changed my own life and I love seeing how it changes clients' lives.  The testimonials are from real humans who participated in the course, integrated the teachings, and transformed their lives.   

DISCLAIMER: I (Dena) nor any official staff of Ecstatic Collective do not guarantee or warrant results or transformation. Results are the responsibility of each individual.

Feel free to email Dena with any questions not answered here:
Dena (at) EcstaticCollective (dot) com

Requirements for certification:

  • Successful completion and passing of each module assessment.
  • Attending 90% of all live calls (and watching any you miss).
  • Practice sessions are REQUIRED including being BOTH the Client and the Practitioner for each technique.  This allows demonstration of the technique as well as experience of the technique.
  • Successful completion of the NLP portion of the training is required before continuing onto Time Line Therapy®.
  • Successful completion of both the NLP and Time Line Therapy® portions of the training are required before continuing onto NLP Coach.
  • Payment in full is required before receiving certifications.

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