The Magic of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
& Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
Training & Certification Program

Tools and skills for powerful impact and transformational change.
For you. For your relationships. For your clients. For life.

Examples of non-ordinary states of consciousness include meditation, movement (think running, yoga, ecstatic dance, group exercise, and more), breath work, trance/hypnosis, flow states, play, orgasm, & psychedelics.

Spelling: learning the construction of letters into words.

We then use words - language - to communicate, thereby casting spells.


We create our reality with the spells we cast everyday, every moment.


What spells are you casting every day?

How are those spells creating a reality you love - or don’t?

Incorrect Spells

The problem is most people were never taught how to use language and communication to cast the spells that get them the results they want - the life they truly desire.

The Simplicity of Our Minds is Astounding

You are an animal built for efficiency.  Your mind is doing exactly what it is supposed to do to keep you - the animal - safe. 

Yet the spells we cast can create realities we don’t actually like or enjoy, full of limitation, lack, scarcity, frustration, heartache, and more.


We may have trauma and past experiences that haunt us - where limiting decisions were made creating spiderwebs of limiting beliefs to keep us safe, but really keeping us stuck - cocooned in the silky threads of the web struggling, fighting to get out.


And the more we struggle, the tighter we are held in the web.


When we learn to surrender, to go inside and do things differently, and learn to cast incredible and powerful spells, then we truly learn to free ourselves so we can move into realities of our design and creation. 

We get to live ecstatic lives.


You want that, don’t you?


So…spells…the simplicity of our mind…the magic we can weave when we learn new ways of working with our mind, language, and communication.


The Magic of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches us about the simplicity of our mind, how it works, how its programming was created and how to upgrade that programming - and our spells - intentionally with simple, effective, POWERFUL tools and techniques.


And there is another ingredient in our cauldron of life altering magic:

Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

You can also call these states of consciousness:

Altered States

Extraordinary States

Flow States

Expanded States

Peak States


Altered States = Altered Traits

Quite literally, so why not get compounding results NOW?

What are we ACTUALLY doing with NLP + NOSC?

Changing people’s neurochemistry & neuralelectricity - this is part of the magic of why NLP + NOSC is so powerful - quite literally activating new neural pathways in the mind & body and interrupting the old ones.

NLP alone helps dismantle and clean out the sh*tty programming, creating space for the new supportive programming.

This is where someone trained in the positive, conscious, intentional use of NLP can help install powerful and supportive new beliefs and ways of being that are good for you and good for your future.
(And this may be you working with yourself.)

Add in altered states, especially psychedelics, and the effect is exponential.

NLP + Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness together creates a compounding effect for change and transformation:

  • Take down the spiderweb of limitation NOW
  • Breakthrough whatever is in your way NOW
  • Stop negative behaviors that hurt or sabotage you NOW
  • Upgrade your beliefs NOW
  • Amplify your goals so they actualize rapidly
  • Upgrade your spells so you can communicate easily and effortlessly with everyone
  • Let go of negative emotions and stuck memories NOW - and experience the lasting results in your daily life
  • Utilize your mind, language, and communication to cast powerful spells in your life and experience the results NOW

The results - and the life - you get from NLP + Extraordinary States of Consciousness are up to you.  And there is no limit.


After all, you are a limitless being.  Are you ready to step fully into THAT?!


We thought so…so let’s do this.


"Yes, I recommend this training! Why? It is an important set of tools and an important framework that is simple! You are fluent in a couple of months. Dena’s spin on it with non-ordinary states of consciousness is great. If psychedelics are all about working with the unconscious mind and NLP is another set of tools that works on the unconscious mind, it only makes sense to pair the two."

Joe Moore
Co-Founder & CEO of Psychedelics Today

Who is this training for?

The Leader

The Leader who is on a mission to be the best they can be. 

The Leader who leads powerfully, communicates clearly, effects change and transformation - all easily and effortlessly. 

The Leader who speaks and is heard, who enters a room and is seen.

The Therapist/Guide

The Therapist/Guide who knows their role is sacred and powerful and wants to amplify their integrity and impact. 

The Therapist/Guide who helps their journeyers to the absolute best of their abilities with the conscious use of language & communication, new transformative healing modalities and tools, and a format for integration.

The Coach

Every top coach in the world
knows NLP…
are you one of them?

This is for you if:

 You know you are a gifted leader/therapist/guide/healer/coach/parent and desire simple frameworks for creating lasting impact

 You are ready to make an even bigger commitment to yourself, your life, your future, and your clients

 You love change and transformation

 You want the secrets to unlocking even more effective communication & to experience the upleveling of powerful communication in all of your relationships

 You know it’s f*%$ing time to do things differently…



This is NOT for you if…

 X  You want others to make your life work for you

X  You believe that life happens TO you

X  You are committed to your stories or being right

X  You believe you are only responsible for 50% of the communication in every interaction

X  You lack commitment, clarity, dedication, or consistency

X  You don’t know how to show up for yourself

X  You want to continue living your life from a place of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt/shame, blame

X  You think the “unconscious mind” is BS

X  You love how life seems to get better and then s#it always hits the fan

X  You want to continue settling - for relationships, for living paycheck to paycheck, for [insert whatever it is you settle for here]…


Hey you!  Yes, YOU!

Did you recognize yourself in any of the above?
Want to change those things?
This program will do that! 
AND spring you forward to where you want to be. 
How’s that sound? 


What You Get in this Program!

50+ Hours of Live Zoom Calls

Each 90-min call focuses on Content Integration, Q & A, and more!

People LOVE these calls -
full of value and applicability to YOUR life!

Over 40 Hours of Instruction

Videos and audios to support your learning style - and your schedule.

Experience NLP

For every technique and tool, you get to experience being both the Client and the Practitioner.  So while you are learning all this - you also get to uplevel your own life in the process.  

Five (5) Powerful and Recognized Certifications

You have the power to utilize what you have learned to help others transform their lives. Whether these certifications are a magnifier and amplifier to use with other modalities you already use OR if these certifications are the beginning of a new path of coaching/guiding, all 5 will impact your life and the lives of those around you, forever.

Certified NLP Practitioner

Become a Master Communicator and uplevel your world!

Certified Time Travel Therapy Practitioner

Utilize with anyone, including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and more!

Certified NLP Coach

A coaching certification exceeding the industry standards.

Milton Model Hypnosis Certificate

Master 19 hypnotic language patterns and utilize in any context, especially non-ordinary states of consciousness!

Conscious Use of Language & Communication in NOSC Certification

Exclusive to Ecstatic Collective - only available here!


On NLP, Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, and Transformation

"With every module, this course changed my life for the better. Learning how to be a master spell caster & communicator has positively affected my career and all of my relationships. It is amazing how much we use language and communication unconsciously, casting spells that hurt us. To learn how to utilize it consciously means instantaneous results. I feel like I am being heard and seen!"


Mareesa Stertz

Hear what Mareesa had to say about the impact of this training! Mareesa is a documentary filmmaker passionate about how entheogenic plant medicines are helping heal physical, psychological, and mental traumas. Her docu-series, The Healing Powers, is currently streaming on Gaia TV. She is also co-founder and Media Director of Lucid News.


Ryan Beauregard

Zendo Project, Manager

As the Manager for the Zendo Project, a peer based harm reduction organization providing support in communities and festivals (including Burning Man), Ryan is very familiar with harm reduction and non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC). He understands the power of language and communication in NOSC. 

Zendo Project is sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

"I’m positively transformed from this work, and share my passion for this course, NLP, and Dena Justice with those who are ready to take the next step in their own personal empowerment and ownership of their ability to create a better reality through adopting the best model for their lives; one that truly feeds the heart, the soul, and the mind."

"Dena's work is powerful. Learning NLP and being part of the NLP coaching process is transformational and I am so grateful that I chose to dig into these tools with Dena as my facilitator. I've seen greater success in my business, more powerful and delightful relationships arise in my life, and an overall sense that I am at cause and able to create and choose where I go and what I experience moving forward."

Molly Mandleberg
Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, Author, Podcast Host

"“I’m a manager of a team and prior to this training, I had a tendency to not say things clearly and my messages would not get through. Now I am more direct in how I communicate and provide feedback to my team. The difference is significant. I feel seen, heard, respected, and more confident - at work and with my husband!”"

Mary Tanfin
Software Engineer & Manager

"My training journey with Dena has been nothing short of incredible! I was cracked open in the most gentle, loving, and effortless way. This process has given me the confidence I always desired to embrace so that I can go out and change the world, one amazing human at a time! Thank you Dena from the depths of my open heart."

Ericka Nicole
Abundant Soul Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so glad you asked and the short answer is YES!  Click on ENROLL NOW to see the options.

This program is ideal for leaders, therapists, coaches, guides, healers, and parents who want to improve their communication and relationships (with self and others).

This program is also ideal for anyone who works with people during non-ordinary states of consciousness, including (and not limited to): meditation, breathwork, movement (think yoga, ecstatic dance, group exercise, and more), trance/hypnosis, flow states, and more...yes, including those other mind altering substances people may choose to ingest of their own free will.

We covered that above and here are some others. 
This is not for anyone unwilling to try new things.
This is not for those who deem themselves "uncoachable" and refuse to be supported. 
This is not for anyone who feels the world owes them something.
This is not for anyone who wants to continue making excuses as to why their life is not the way they want it to be.
This is not for anyone who relates to themself as a victim.
This is not for anyone who is unwilling to do the work to move forward in life.
This is not for anyone who is looking to be spoon-fed content and graded on a curve or anyone who expects a certification without time in to do the work and get results.

This is also not for those who are unkind or incapable of receiving or delivering constructive and compassionate feedback. Please be aligned with sharing, supporting, and encouraging others, and making comments that are in the highest good of all. 

This is also not for anyone who has intentions that are not supportive of helping effect profound positive change in the world.

No, though there is an optional physical book we highly recommend!

The weekly Q&A calls are most Thursdays at 12:30pm PT. 

You will have access to the online course materials for at least one year from enrollment.

Payment plans are great for people that need to space out their payments over time.  By choosing a payment plan, you agree to the following terms:

  • Payments must be received via autopay, on time.
  • If payments are late or missed, access to the course content will be suspended until payment is received.
  • Any staff time incurred to facilitate payment will require a $250 administrative fee, per incidence.
  • One-half of the total investment must be received before continuing from NLP to Time Travel Therapy.
  • Payment in full for the program, as well as any incurred administrative fees, are due before continuing from TTT to NLP Coach training and receiving certifications.

You can pay the balance of what you owe at any time and only pay for the portion of the financing fee that you used. 

For example (these numbers are for example purposes only):
If $967 is the total financing fee, then divided by 12 months = $80.58/month.
If you make 5 payments and then choose to pay the balance due, you only pay for 5 months of financing ($402.90 total financing).

You may request a refund within 3 days of enrolling, less a $500 non-refundable deposit.

For more details, please read this site's Terms.

Becoming a master spell caster (communicator) changes your life and the lives of people around you.  The level to which this happens depends on each individual and how they utilize language and communication already and to the extent they incorporate the content from this course.  I love this content and how it has changed my own life and I love seeing how it changes clients' lives.  The testimonials are from real humans who participated in the course, integrated the teachings, and transformed their lives.   

DISCLAIMER: I (Dena) nor any official staff of Ecstatic Collective do not guarantee or warrant results or transformation. Results are the responsibility of each individual.

Feel free to email us with any questions not answered here:
Support (at) EcstaticCollective (dot) com


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